Lalamove Issues Sustainability Report 2023: Sustainable Goals Set to Accelerate New Energy Vehicle Deployment

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Singapore, 6 May 2024 – On-demand delivery platform Lalamove has published its Sustainability Report 2023, marking the company's second year of releasing such a report. Key highlights of this year include promoting the adoption of new energy vehicles; setting short,m medium, and long-term goals for achieving net zero targets; and supporting driver partners. 

Lalamove operates in 11 markets and serves over 13.4 million users and 1.2 million driver partners. The company focuses on meeting the needs of different stakeholders and partners including small and medium-sized enterprises, driver partners, employees, and local communities. In addition to utilizing technology to enhance logistics efficiency and meet the delivery needs of various communities, Lalamove provides diversified services that cater to the needs of its stakeholders and partners. 

"Last year marked the tenth anniversary of Lalamove's establishment. As we look ahead to the next decade, we are delighted to share with everyone our latest annual sustainability report. This report collects a significant amount of data on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG),  following the standards set by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). It highlights our commitment to ESG values and emphasizes their importance. Additionally, Lalamove has established and internal greenhouse gas (GHG) emission management system and voluntarily disclosed the company's GHG data in 2023. The system not only helps us monitor future carbon emissions related to our operations, but also enables us to formulate better carbon reduction strategies. This is especially important for tackling emissions from the vehicles on our platform, which is our business' major carbon emission source", said Bill Li, Director of Corporate Affairs at Lalamove. 


The platform continues to focus on environmental and economic benefits: over 50% of van orders in Mainland China are fulfilled by new energy vehicles 

Lalamove continues to actively promote the adoption of new energy vehicles by platform drivers. Over the past year, more than 50% of van orders in Mainland China were fulfilled by new energy vehicles. Meanwhile, 100% of our rental business comprises new energy vehicles in Mainland China. 

To encourage more drivers to switch to new energy vehicles, Lalamove has collaborated with electric vehicle charging companies and financial institutions in Mainland China to provide exclusive discounts on electric vehicle charging facilities, insurance, and vehicle maintenance services. The company has also cooperated to expand its charging network to cover over 55,000 new energy charging stations in Mainland China, including 670,000 EV chargers and providing charging discounts for driver partners in 327 cities. 

Setting short, medium, and long-term goals to achieve net-zero 

In this year's Sustainability Report, Lalamove has set short, medium, and long-term goals to achieve net zero and significantly reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and other GHG emissions to work towards a greener future. In the short term, Lalamove aims to have 50% of fulfilled orders in Mainland China completed by new energy vehicles by 2028. 

By 2025, Lalamove aims to achieve paperless operation and have 30% of waste diverted away from landfills, and all hazardous waste to be disposed of by qualified collectors or recyclers. In the medium term, the company aims to achieve net zero across Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions by 2040. In the long term, Lalamove aims to continuously increase the proportion of new energy vehicles on its platform. 



Shouldering social responsibility and supporting driver partners 

In addition to environmental initiatives, corporate social responsibility is one of the company's key focuses. Lalamove provides flexible job opportunities, transparency, and autonomy for driver partners and prioritizes their safety. Moreover, Lalamove fosters a culture of safety among its driver partner communities and has established a set of safety standards to monitor operational safety. The company also assists driver partners in seeking compensation claims in the event of an accident. Last year, Lalamove achieved a 99.9% injury-free operation rate across all markets. 

Lalamove is also committed to supporting drivers' families. For example, in the Philippines, the company launched an educational financial assistance program for 100 platform drivers' children. This program offers up to 20,000 Philippine Pesos, subsidizing their educational expenses such as tuition fees, stationery, miscellaneous fees, and daily expenditures during their high school and college years. This initiative demonstrates Lalamove's steadfast commitment to creating shared values within the community. 

To read the full Lalamove Sustainability Report 2023: Click here




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