Top 3 Lalamove secrets you never knew

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You may think you might know it all about Lalamove, but there’s more! To keep you in the loop, we unravel all our best kept secrets with you! This means you can take advantage of what we’re sharing to save more time, money and energy!

Read on to find out what we haven’t told you about that you should definitely know:

Promo codes are everywhere


If there’s one thing we love more than anything in Singapore are sales and promo codes! The joy of opening an email with a special code issued to you is like none other. Why pay full-price when there’s always an option to get a discounted rate? We understand this at Lalamove and love to reward our customers. Keep a lookout in your inbox, and make sure to like our page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to receive exclusive promo codes for your next delivery - discounts can go up to $10 off your next delivery!

P.S we love to share the love during special holidays! ;)

Partner discounts for our users

We want to give our customers the best kind of offers so we actively collaborate with different brands to offer you exclusive discounts to a variety of retailers and partners. This can vary as percentage discounts to free delivery of product. Stay connected with us via FacebookInstagram and e-mail to receive these special promotions sent only to our users!

Speaking of partner discount, go on and take 10% OFF of StorHub’s on demand storage service now!

Median delivery time of 55 minutes

It takes 45 minutes to watch half a football match - your delivery can get completed just slightly more than the time you spend cheering for your favourite team! When we say we’re fast, we aren’t joking. Our delivery promise for a point to point motorcycle and car delivery is kept at under an hour and we make sure we stick by that. If you’re looking for a quick and efficient delivery option, we’ve got you.

Take advantage of this to send gifts, parcels and even your food or supplies for your home or office!



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