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Same-day delivery is the fastest growing expedited delivery option. The days of waiting 3 to 5 working days for a parcel to reach you is long gone with most retailers moving towards same day delivery to serve our culture of instant gratification. Having the feature of receiving our goods within hours after booking an order has definitely made our lives easier and more efficient!


car1  How does same day delivery work?

Getting our items within a day after purchase (especially for bulky items) would have been unheard of in the past, but now, we can even get it delivered to our homes in hours! The best part is that this can all be done with our mobile phones or via web platforms - no need to deal with external parties. This has improved our experience as customers and given us convenience in sorting logistic issues out.

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deliver1 Why should you be using same-day delivery?

When one thinks of delivery, we do not necessarily think of being able to save time and money in our daily lives, but that’s exactly how same day delivery has managed to simplify our lives - fitting in perfectly with our always-on-the-go society. Be it errands, or simply needing to get an item to someone, Lalamove is able to do it for you while you go along with your day without any added chores or stress. The best part is that you’re only paying for the vehicle type you need (depending  on the size of your item) while being able to be worry-free while your delivery is being taken of - all while being able to remotely real-time track your items for added security.

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While online shopping is all the rage now, most of us still enjoy going to shopping malls to be able to physically see the items before purchasing or simply because they like it better. But one major con is that unlike online shopping, we have to lug our newly bought goods home instead of just opening a package that arrives at our doorstep. With on-demand same-day delivery, you can simply get someone else to do the heavy-lifting for you so you can still get the excitement and satisfaction of going home to your loots!

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How is same day delivery changing lives

Traditionally deliveries used to be a manual task and solely involved packages and transportation of goods - but with on demand delivery services and the vast fleet that is available, be it documents, gifts or even with larger scale items like moving, is a service that on-demand delivery platforms can provide.

There have been many situations in life we wished we could have had something delivered to our doorstep without waiting or even running the errand ourselves. But that’s exactly when having a handy app that can do the job with just a few taps becomes a lifesaver. Delivery is no longer something that is limited to specific situations in our lives, but it can easily be arranged in most situations without any fuss.

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