Make them feel special this Graduation Month

March is known as the โ€œGraduation Monthโ€ here in the Philippines and families celebrate the occasion with full delight.

Filipinos value every milestone in their family, most especially their childrenโ€™s educational achievements. The most celebrated turning point of oneโ€™s life is their college graduation, when a student finally drops down the books and gears up for the โ€œadultingโ€ phase of their life.  This is where they explore the real world and ventures into a bigger horizon to face challenges. Graduation is the best time for the young to give back to their parents, teachers and everyone who believed in them and helped them through the journey.

Probably every year you have a relative or someone you know that graduates from college and you often canโ€™t join the celebration. Your job and other ventures in life stops you from the gathering that commends their achievement. Surely you want to give something to these graduates as a reward for their accomplishment or something useful for their future career.


Donโ€™t let all the hassles in life stop you from making them feel special. Your gift will be handled with care and your presence will be shared. This graduation month, Lalamove extends your appreciation and salutations fast and easy.


Congratulations Batch 2018!


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