Traveling Light: Insider's Guide to Delivering Luggage to/from Hong Kong International Airport

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If you're swamped with luggages, here's a guide to unlock your hassle free luggage experience with Lalamove. 

On this page, we'll show you a step-by-step guide (map included) to delivering your luggages to/from Hong Kong International Airport (HKG), scheduling orders and exclusive offers to help you kick-start your journey with Lalamove.


If you're looking to deliver luggages
to/from HK International Airport (HKIA)

In the below map, there are two designated zones available for pick-up/drop-off (aka the $16 zone and $40 zone), each with different rates but located close to Airport Terminal 1 (T1).

  Tip 1💡 Always Confirm Details with Driver Partners

When your Lalamove driver partners confirms the order with you, make sure to specify your luggage sizes/quantity, which of the designated zones you'd like to drop off and the associated rates.

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HK International Airport Map from:

Parking Area Location Rates
LGV (Hourly) Parking Area
(aka the "$16 Zone", circled in green)
Next to the HKIA Commercial Building $16 per hour
LGV Loading/Unloading Area
(aka the "$40 Zone", circled in blue)
Next to Car Park 1
(Cheong Shun Road)

$40 for the first 30 minutes
$60 for the next 30 minutes
$80 per every 30 minutes thereafter


  Tip 2💡 New User Discounts await

Lalamove vans are generally more affordable and convenient for transporting large luggage than other transportation options. If you're looking for budget travel options, do remember to opt in the following new user-only promo codes for up to $60 discount on your orders*:

Promo Code: LALAFLY
📍HKIA > Any other destination: $30 coupon x 1
📍Any other destination > HKIA: $30 coupon x 1

* Terms & conditions apply.


1️⃣ $40 Zone to Terminal 1

The more convenient route (Approx. 3-minute walk)
1️⃣  After arriving at the $40 Zone, enter Terminal 1 through the entrance circled in red.


2️⃣ Inside Terminal 1, turn left and take the elevator.


3️⃣ The Departure Hall is located on the 7th floor. Turn right after exiting the elevator


4️⃣ Continue down the corridor until the end, then turn right to reach the Departure Hal
(On your return, follow the same route back to the 3rd floor $40 Zone)


2️⃣ $16 Zone to Terminal 1

The more affordable route (Approx. 5-minute walk)
1️⃣ After arriving at the $16 Zone, exit through the exit (circled in red) and the walkway.


2️⃣ Turn right after the bus terminal🚏


3️⃣ Continue straight, then turn left at the bus ticket booth.


4️⃣ Turn right after seeing the bus information board.


5️⃣ Keep walking until you reach Terminal 1. The Departure Hall is located on the 7th floor.
On your return, follow the same route back to the $16 Zone


👇🏻 Follow through this video guide👇🏻


^  *Please note that the arrangements may be subject to change due to limited parking spaces or on-site conditions. Updated as of January 1, 2024.

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  Tip 3💡 Schedule your Orders

You can schedule your delivery in advance just by:

  1. In the Lalamove App, tap "Pick Up Now" at the top
  2. Select "Scheduled" under "Delivery Type"
  3. Scroll to select your desired pick up time


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