“Lalalicious CAR-nival”: Celebration of Local F&B Businesses

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Four Lalamove F&B partners to showcase their products at K11 Art Mall, marking the first food market hosted by an on-demand delivery platform

(Hong Kong SAR, November 9, 2022) On-demand delivery platform Lalamove today launched the 7-day celebration of “Lalalicious CAR-nival” at K11 Art Mall. First of its kind, the CAR-nival showcases and celebrates four Lalamove merchants who boast their highly popular artisanal food products, while inviting Hong Kongers to break through distance and deliver party food and drinks from different districts around town straight to their doorsteps. 

Delivering popular delicacies with Lalamove Food Vans

Although Hong Kong is famously known as a culinary paradise, some areas are nicknamed “food deserts” because of the limited restaurant choices in the area. Not only does it make eating out a daunting task, it also makes ordering party food for gathering with family and friends difficult. With a wide-ranging fleet travelling across 18 districts in Hong Kong, Lalamove’s instant, reliable and affordable delivery solution breaks the geographical barriers and delivers flavors from all districts to all customers.

“Through our curation of the ‘Lalalicious CAR-nival’, we are set to usher in a new delivery trend for the local F&B industry by encouraging Hong Kongers to break through the geographical barriers of traditional food delivery, and take advantage of Lalamove’s service for cross-district delicacy delivery. Moreover, our merchant partners could enjoy free promotion opportunities to expand their customer base at the CAR-nival,” Kristie Cheung, Head of Marketing Communications, Lalamove said. “We also hope to continue to elevate the user experience for our loyal users, especially members of the Lalamove Rewards Program, by providing prizes and perks at the CAR-nival. Currently, one in every four users on the platform is already a member of the program.”

Lalamove has teamed up with four popular online businesses and transformed them into a Lalamove Food Van, allowing everyone to taste all the local handmade delights in one go at the “Lalalicious CAR-nival”: 

  • Monsoon Baking Atelier, a popular online bagel store specializing in a variety of unconventional flavors
  • Nuttie B, a healthy handcrafted nut butter specialist
  • Heng Fook Bakery, an artisanal cookie baker specializing in home-backed chewy cookies 
  • Hong Kong Whistle, a Hong Kong-style craft beer brewer made with locally sourced ingredients

To make the event more memorable, Hong Kong Whistle, Nuttie B and Heng Fook Bakery collaborated with Lalamove to offer exclusive crossover products at the CAR-nival, including a passion fruit flavored “CAR-nival” NEIPA wrapped in a poster design of a vintage local movie, a brand-new Genmaicha Pistachio Butter and limited-edition Orange Earl Grey Mochi Soft Cookie. 

Good food, great fun and Lalamove Rewards all at once!

Painted in the bright orange color of Lalamove and adorned with “CAR” elements, the Car-nival features a 2-meter-tall truck photo frame where guests can instantly transform into a Lalamove driver-partner to take photos with fun handheld props for the gram. 

The CAR-nival also offers fabulous prizes. Participants are invited to download the Lalamove app, and become Lalamove Rewards members, to redeem coupons with designated promotion codes for the lucky draw at the mega capsule toy machine, unleashing a variety of surprises, including iPhone 14 Pro, BRUNO Multi-functional Compact Hot Plate, Philips Essential Airfryer, delectable delights from participating eateries plus Lalamove coupons and Rewards Points!

Details of the Lalamove “Lalalicious CAR-nival” 


November 9 -15


November 9 (Wednesday) (Opening)

2:30pm - 8:30pm

November 10 (Thursday), 13 - 15 (Sunday to Tuesday)

12:00nn - 8:30pm

November 11 - 12 (Friday and Saturday)

12:00nn - 9:30pm


G/F, Atrium, K11 Art Mall (18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon)

* Subject to Terms & Conditions. Trade Promotion Competition Licence No:. 56259-65

“Lalalicious CAR-nival” is arriving at K11 Art Mall between November 9 to 15. Joining hands with popular local F&B businesses, we aim to deliver local delights around town for everyone to enjoy!

The venue features a mega toy capsule machine for participants to enter an instant lucky draw for fabulous prizes!

The wave of bagel craze is still on! The popular online store Monsoon Baking Atelier presents chewy bagels in various special flavors!

Local brewery Hong Kong Whistle combines Hong Kong-style humor with local-flavored craft beer, allowing everyone to "cheers!" on the spot!

Handmade locally, Nuttie B, the specialist of nut butter with no added oil, no added sugar, and no preservatives, allows you to enjoy the freshness brought by natural ingredients!

Heng Fook Bakery shared every part of happiness in the form of homemade chewy cookies!

“Lalalicious CAR-nival”-1

Everyone is welcomed to take a photo with the set of  2-meter-tall truck photo frame and the road signs of Taste of 18 Districts for a photogenic experience as a one-day driver partner.

Exclusive Lalamove cross-over products are available onsite, including a passion fruit flavored “CAR-nival”  NEIPA by Hong Kong Whistle, Genmaicha Pistachio Butter by Nuttie B, and Orange Earl Grey Mochi Soft Cookie by Heng Fook Bakery.

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