Lalamove Shopify App: Helping You To Deliver Orders Faster!

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The rise of e-commerce platforms or marketplaces like Shopify has made e-commerce easier for entrepreneurs like you who wish to establish an online presence.

Fulfilment tools, on the other hand, are considered a key companion to the success of e-commerce platforms.

A fulfilment tool is essential to meet the consumers' standard of efficient, safe and affordable deliveries.

Which is why we're eager to share a piece of good news with you:

You can now integrate Lalamove delivery services with your Shopify orders!

In this blog post, we're going to show you how our Lalamove Shopify app can deliver your Shopify orders faster so you can win customers' loyalty and grow your business.


Why Should You Use The Lalamove Shopify App?

1. Place A Delivery Order With Just A Few Clicks

Our app is available on the Shopify App Store. You can install the app and get access to Lalamove’s 24/7, reliable and efficient delivery service. The setup is as easy as ABC! 


2. Instant Or Scheduled Delivery

Whether you have an urgent delivery or need to arrange for an advanced delivery, Lalamove has it all! Select your pick-up date and time, and our delivery partners will take care of the rest.  


3. Batching Multiple Orders And Saving Money

Want to batch multiple orders into one delivery? 

No problem! 

Our multi-stop delivery function is empowered by our route optimisation tool. This feature can lower your logistics costs without sacrificing efficiency. 


4. Multiple Vehicle Types At Your Disposal

We have a wide range of vehicle types ready at your command! 

Whether you sell delicate goods like food or flowers, or bulky furniture, we have the right vehicles for the job. Check out our wide fleet of vehicles:

  • Motorcycles
  • Cars
  • 4 x 4 Pickup
  • Van 7-ft
  • Large Van 9-ft
  • Small Lorry 10-ft
  • Medium Lorry 14-ft
  • Large Lorry 17-ft

5. Clear And Transparent Pricing 

Input the pickup and delivery addresses, and select your vehicle in the app to generate the delivery quote instantly. Enjoy complete transparency of what you or your customers will be paying.


6. Real-Time Delivery Tracking

Enjoy peace of mind as you get a bird’s eye view of every stage of your delivery status, from assigning a driver to the driver picking up the order and completing it. 

On top of that, your customers can track the status themselves through our notifications! 


Step-By-Step To Lalamove It In Shopify

Step 1. Install the Lalamove Shopify app

Step 1 to Lalamove It in Shopify


Step 2. Sign up or log in to your Lalamove account 

Step 2 to Lalamove It in Shopify


Step 3. Send deliveries via the Lalamove Shopify app

Step 3 to Lalamove It in Shopify

Step 4. Select orders you want to fulfil.

If you want to batch different orders into one delivery, simply click them and click “Send with Lalamove (Multi-stop Order)” in the “More actions” tab. 

Step 4 to Lalamove It in Shopify


Step 5. Placing orders (1 of 3)

Fill in the pick-up and drop off details.

Step 5 to Lalamove It in Shopify


Step 6. Placing orders (2 of 3)

Select vehicle type, pickup date and time.

Step 6A to Lalamove It in Shopify

Step 6B to Lalamove It in Shopify

Step 7. Placing orders (3 of 3)

Click “Place Order”.

Step 7A to Lalamove It in Shopify

Step 7B to Lalamove It in Shopify


Step 8. Order confirmation

Step 8 to Lalamove It in Shopify


Step 9. Order tracking

Step 9 to Lalamove It in Shopify


Grow Your Online Business With The Lalamove Shopify App

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