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If you’re running a business, we think you’ll agree with us that next day delivery is fast becoming obsolete.

In fact, same-day delivery is the new next day delivery. Same day delivery is no more a luxury but a necessity.

Customer’s appetite for faster delivery is at an insatiable level, according to research by Capgemini. They found that 55% of consumers will switch to competitors if a business can’t fulfil their demand for faster delivery!

Establishing a private delivery fleet seems like a logical solution. However, the cost of managing an internal fleet could reach up to 53% of the total logistics expenditure. As such, there’s no better time than now to seek professional help from a last mile carrier.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how you can take advantage of Lalamove as the last mile carrier for your business. But first, let’s consider a few obstacles that stand in the way of getting last mile delivery right.


Common Last Mile Logistics Problems Among Businesses

Fuel Prices

The fluctuation of fuel prices doesn’t discriminate between businesses and individuals. This handicap can inflate the expenditures for logistics whenever there is a surge in fuel price.


Fluctuating fuel prices can pose a problem in last mile carrier arrangements


Changing Expectations Of Consumers

According to a report by McKinsey & Company, nearly 25% of consumers are willing to pay extra to enjoy same-day or instant delivery. Millennials who are characterised by their tendency for instant gratification make up more than 30% of this consumer segment.  


Planning And Risk Management

Consistent optimisations of the delivery chain require regular evaluations of how to perform the deliveries. Evaluations will allow businesses to align their last mile strategies to their goals and consumers’ expectations. However, this exercise could consume considerable resources and time for most companies. 


Driver Shortage And Retention

On paper, hiring a team of delivery drivers seems like an ideal solution. But then again, there are hidden costs behind the monthly compensations of drivers. Expenditures like EPF contribution, training, insurance, allowance, and overtime pay aren’t uncommon.


Vehicle And Inventory Maintenance

Besides the regular expenditure of fuel, maintaining a fleet of delivery vehicles is a cost-intensive commitment. A slight inconvenience, such as a stalled vehicle won’t only demand cost and time for reparation. It will also cause other complications such as disruptions to delivery plans.



Gap In Technology Adoption

Businesses that have tried to go solo on their last mile deliveries often wake up to the nightmare of rapidly changing technology. Catching up with the pace of tech can be expensive to pay for and implement.


As A Last-Mile Carrier, How Does Lalamove Help You Avoid These Problems?

Fluctuating Fuel Prices Are Non-Issue

Spare your business from the uncertainties of fuel price. By relying on a last mile carrier like Lalamove, you’ll only have to commit to the fixed pricing scheme of the delivery and additional services. Lalamove’s rate is set to the delivery distance regardless of the fuel prices of the day.


Meet The Delivery Window Of Consumers Anytime, Anywhere At A Competitive Cost

Regardless of instant or advance delivery, an ideal last mile carrier should be able to meet flexible timeframes. Lalamove’s average delivery time of just over 30 minutes is driven by its promise for fast and simple deliveries. The prices of Lalamove’s delivery start from RM4 with a motorcycle. 

However, business deliveries often require the need to move things with larger volume and size. That’s where Lalamove’s fleet of vans, 4 x 4 trucks and lorries come in. As of now, the delivery price with Lalamove’s 1-ton and 3-ton lorry is the most affordable in Klang Valley.


Lalamove as a last mile carrier for businesses


Professional Advice On Delivery Arrangements

Drawing a plan to perform seamless deliveries doesn’t have to be hard. Lalamove’s business account comes with a range of perks for business users that aren’t accessible through a regular account.

Chief of these perks is an open communication line with Lalamove’s business account managers. These are the experts who will take care of your business deliveries’ planning.


Hire Drivers Only When You Need Them

Relying on a last mile carrier will give your business the freedom to recruit drivers when such need arises. An agile workforce allows companies to manage expenses and investments better to match business and market demands.

Lalamove’s business model of sharing economy and its highly-responsive app enables businesses to hire drivers on the fly or for scheduled deliveries.


Choices Of Delivery Vehicles At Your Disposal (Minus The Maintenance)

The argument for this point is similar to our previous point on drivers-for-hire. Why procure a fleet of vehicles when you can select from Lalamove’s range of vehicles for your business’ delivery needs?


Complete range of Lalamove vehicles


Proven And Tested Technology

Forget about developing in-house technology to facilitate your business’ deliveries. Lalamove’s proprietary app is a battle-tested piece of tech to facilitate and automate your business deliveries.

Rest assured that the app will go through regular maintenance and periodical updates to guarantee the best delivery experience.


Benefits Of Using Lalamove As The Last Mile Carrier For Your Business

Benefits of using Lalamove as a last mile carrier for your business


What Kind Of Businesses Trust Lalamove As Their Last Mile Carrier?

Since October 2018, over 4,500 businesses have invested their trust in Lalamove as their last mile delivery partner. Whether for B2B or B2C deliveries, we’ve been making positive differences to our business clients’ bottom line with our expertise in last mile delivery.  

Are you ready to take your business deliveries to the next level with a reliable last mile carrier?

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