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Food Delivery Hacks You Didn't Know

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Let’s admit it, food delivery is a lifesaver. It helps us save a lot of effort in the kitchen especially for those who don't have enough time to cook for themselves.

If you find yourself ordering food almost every day, then make sure you know all the smart food delivery hacks you can use. 

With the most convenient app in the Metro, you’re just one click away from your cravings!


So why don’t you take full advantage of every Food Delivery? Here are surprising hacks you should know:


Leftovers? More like NEXTOVERS.
Make the most out of your leftovers! Don’t let them sit on your counter way too long. Build a habit of putting them inside the fridge to avoid spoilage. Good food = good mood, that’s the motto.

Ordering alone and couldn’t finish the last few pieces of your chicken wings? Last 2 pieces of your pizza? An extra tub of mashed potato? While a whole container can add on carbs, you can definitely make a reasonably healthy meal out of it!

If you wanna order once but eat twice, you better know the best ways to reheat your food. Getting them out of the oven definitely springs excitement but when it comes out fresh, that’s the real score.

Avoid over re-heating so your food won’t get soggy or be put to waste.

Just bedazzle it a Lil bit with some fruits on the side or any non-hassle prep you can think of and viola —your nextovers can turn out like a whole new meal.

Be creative and resourceful with your next food delivery! Grilled meat, pasta, and rice can be mixed with new sauces as you can repurpose your extra sides as well into a completely new dish! Reheat and enjoy, co-foodie.

food-deliveryTake advantage of NEW CUSTOMER DISCOUNTS
Ahh, discounts. Music to your ears, huh? A lot of delivery services offer discounts to first-timers as a welcome gift! Why not take advantage of that?

It gives you a more affordable total payment as you checkout! I mean... Isn’t that great?

First-time users like you should definitely savor this welcome treat!

If you haven’t tried using yours, now’s the perfect time to look for it! Your friends might have new customer discounts they haven’t used up to, order from their accounts so it won’t be put to waste. Some offer 10 up to 15% off for your first purchase. Food delivery has its perks!

food-deliveryFREE DELIVERY? Yes, please.
Try to meet the free delivery order minimum! It’s worth the shot. There are some stores that allot specific days to have their free delivery promos. Look for your go-to store and watch out for the wonders of food delivery!

Buying food for your big family occasion? House is too far from your favorite stores?

Free delivery would be a huge breather for your pockets!

There’s no guilt in meeting the minimum order to avail of the free delivery promo. It’s better to order more food than you need so you can also save it for later. They say ‘the heart wants what it wants but so do our tummies! Speaking of discounts, Lalamove offers amazing discounts for our customers. Follow us on Facebook to see more details!

KEEP the Plastic Containers
Don’t throw them away and make a little contribution to save Mother Earth. Use leftover plastic containers to store healthy food in the fridge. By doing this, you’re also saving money looking for different containers for your tabletop as well!

Reuse and make the most out of it.

Keep your fridge organized to save the hassle of cluttered leftovers or any kind of stuff inside.

Reuse it for storing your next food delivery and a lot more things you can be creative of by keeping it.

Yup, you heard it! I can just hear you receiving and opening your pizza box saying “Where’s the hot sauce?!” sometimes they put in 1 or 2 packets but we all know that ain’t enough for you!

A few sachets of ketchup will never be enough for your large fries.

Your free chili garlic pack would probably be finished in one bite!

Order in extra ones, they’re usually free after all. Save that extra mayo or mustard for your next sandwich. You’d be surprised just how handy they may be for your sudden cravings!

So there you have it! These are just a few Food Delivery hacks you probably didn’t know until now. Cost-effective, huh? Go read through Lalamove Delivery Hacks You Wish You Knew to hop in on some exclusive secrets. 

Food deliveries are the way of life and it definitely saves us all the hassle of going outside & waiting in long queues.

Just select, scroll & pay! Easy as that.

Make the most out of every food delivery! You can try these hacks out while ordering at your favorite stores via Lalamove’s Purchase Service (Pabili Service) now. You can also opt for Cash-On-Delivery (COD) to make it hassle-free! Wanna read more blogs like this? Check out our listings here for lots of delivery tips & tricks!


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