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How to Use Cash On Delivery (COD) with Lalamove

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Are you an entrepreneur looking for a delivery truck service with cash on delivery? One of the most sought-after features of a courier service and third-party logistics (3PL) provider is more commonly known as COD. 

According to the most recent data from the Philippine Statistics Authority, there are a total of 1,080,810 active business enterprises in the country, with 99.58 percent of them classified as micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). MSMEs also account for 63 percent of the national workforce.

With this, many customers rely on this feature to make delivery transactions safe and secure, Lalamove provides not just one or two, but three ways to do COD!


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Lalamove's commitment to ensuring the efficiency and security of deliveries is underpinned, especially by our delivery truck fleet, which is equipped with cutting-edge tracking and safety features.

Take note that Lalamove's COD option is different from Purchase (Pabili) Service it's an additional service that requires a payment of ₱50 on top of the fare and the amount of the item to be purchased.

These technologies guarantee that your shipments are handled promptly and securely. The convenience of affordable truck delivery for business and even lipat bahay delivery for personal matters are now within your reach. Check out the reliable Express Truck Service for Food, Documents, and more! here.

Lalamove extends its Cash on Delivery (COD) service to both regular customers and business clients, emphasizing the importance of making this top-notch payment option accessible to the local market, ensuring that everyone who requires it can experience the convenience of payment collection.

Leveraging Lalamove's extensive fleet of delivery trucks and dedicated drivers, customers can effortlessly receive their orders at their doorsteps, eliminating the inconvenience of visiting physical stores or banks for payment.

This feature is particularly advantageous for those who prefer cash transactions, as Lalamove's COD service allows customers to settle their bills directly with the driver upon delivery.

At Lalamove, we recognize that every delivery is unique, and we appreciate the diversity of business needs. See Lalamove's Truck Service: Elevating Cebu's Gift Giving to see how we can be in terms of accommodating any kind of delivery.

Therefore, our Cash on Delivery service offers versatility, allowing you to choose the method that best suits your specific requirements. Take a moment to explore the various COD techniques available, and find the one that aligns perfectly with your business goals.




Cash on Delivery via Multi-Stop and Cash Handling



When you're dealing with bulk deliveries, opting for the multi-stop + cash handling approach for your cash on delivery service is a smart move. This enables you to efficiently distribute multiple items to up to 20 different drop-off points in a single dispatch.

It's an excellent choice when you have a substantial volume of orders that must be delivered within the same day.

The added benefit is that you'll only need to coordinate with one Partner Driver to handle the entire job seamlessly.

If, at the end of the deliveries, you require the driver to return to your location to collect and remit all the payments, you can simply designate your address as the final stop.

This feature ensures that your financial transactions are streamlined and secure, making the process convenient for both you and your customers.


This technique is good for you if you immediately need the money from your sales. Here are the steps on how to do it:

1. Get the orders from your clients and collect them (up to 20 orders).

2. Prepare all the orders and label them correctly to help our Partner Driver.

3. Input your pick-up location.

4. Input the many different locations of your customers as drop-off points. Be sure to input the correct contact details per drop-off point.

5. Once you're done putting your customers' locations, set the final location to your address. This will ensure that our Partner Driver will come back to you after delivering the items and collecting the payment from your customers at each drop-off point.

6. Select 'Motorcycle' as your vehicle and click 'Cash Handling'.

7. Give the items to the Partner Driver upon arrival, and while en route, track your deliveries through the app.

8. The Partner Driver will send the item/s to each customer and will collect the payments.

9. After the last customer drop-off, the Partner Driver will go back to you to remit the payments of your customers and for you to pay the delivery fee.



COD via Lipat Bahay Delivery



Lalamove's Cash on Delivery (COD) service has proven to be a game-changer for lipat bahay delivery conducted with delivery trucks. This payment option offers an unprecedented level of convenience and security, which is especially crucial during a major life transition like moving homes.

Customers can rest assured that they have the opportunity to inspect their belongings thoroughly before making a payment, providing them with peace of mind. This feature is invaluable in the context of lipat bahay delivery, where individuals often deal with a myriad of valuable and cherished possessions.

Lalamove's extensive network of experienced delivery truck drivers ensures that COD transactions are executed with utmost efficiency and security. This seamless process not only enhances the overall customer experience but also substantially reduces the risks associated with fraudulent transactions.

For lipat bahay delivery, where trust is paramount, Lalamove's COD service plays a pivotal role in simplifying the payment process and ensuring the satisfaction of both customers and service providers.

Furthermore, the use of delivery trucks in conjunction with Lalamove's COD service provides an added layer of flexibility and reliability. The spacious and secure compartments of these trucks are particularly well-suited for transporting larger, bulkier items often associated with house moving. — See Lipat Bahay Delivery Truck for Furniture for more proof!

Customers can trust that their possessions will be handled with the utmost care and attention, making the entire moving process significantly less stressful. This combination of COD and delivery trucks not only streamlines the payment process but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the lipat bahay delivery service, ensuring that customers' belongings arrive at their new destination safely and securely.

Need more reasons to go for it? Check out Best 1000kg Lipat Bahay Delivery Truck (5-Star Review) now! to In essence, Lalamove's COD service, in conjunction with delivery trucks, is a winning formula for a hassle-free and secure house moving experience.



COD via Queueing Service & Cash Handling

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For hassle-free bulk deliveries, consider using Lalamove's Queueing Service in conjunction with Cash Handling. This option streamlines the process when you need to deliver multiple items at once, requiring only one driver to manage your requests.

You can still set up to 20 stops for a single delivery ride, but instead of your location being the final drop-off point, you'll designate a bank address for payment remittance.

Keep in mind the banking hours of your chosen bank to prevent payment delays.

This approach is ideal if you prefer to have your earnings securely deposited in your bank account rather than needing immediate cash on hand.

If you're looking to transport items over longer distances, Lalamove's 4 Wheeler Truck Services across Luzon and in Cebu can cater to you. Our Partner Drivers will ensure the safe delivery of your goods to their destination.


Still not sure how this works? Check out the steps here:

1. Get the orders from your clients and collect them (up to 20 orders).

2. Prepare all the orders and label them correctly to help our Partner Driver.

3. Input your pick-up location.

4. Input the addresses of your customers as drop-off points. Be sure to input the correct contact details per drop-off point.

5. Once you're done putting your customers' locations, set the final location to your preferred bank

6. Select 'Motorcycle' as your vehicle and click 'Queueing Service' and 'Cash Handling'.

7. Write your notes for the Partner Driver, including your bank account name and number, then place your order.

8. Give the items to the Partner Driver, and while en route track your deliveries through the app.

9. The Partner Driver will send the item/s to each customer and will collect the payments.

10. After the last customer drop-off, the driver will go to your preferred bank and line up to deposit the payments, essentially remitting the money to you.



Cash on Delivery via Purchase Service



Lalamove offers a unique service known as "Pabili Service" or Purchase Service, where our Partner Driver acts as a temporary purchaser on behalf of the customer. The customer reimburses the driver once the delivery is completed.

When you opt for the cash-on-delivery feature using Lalamove's Purchase Service, you essentially become a "personal shopper" for the customer. This can be especially advantageous if the customer is willing to pay a premium for the convenience of on-demand delivery.

With this approach, there's just one delivery point, eliminating the need to consolidate multiple orders before dispatch. Explore our competitive trucking service rates today!


As long as the items delivered (and bought by the customer) are below ₱2,000, you’re good to go. Here are the steps on how to do it:

1. Get the orders from your customers.

2. Input your pick-up location.

3. Input your customer’s drop-off location.

4. Select 'Motorcycle' as your Vehicle and click 'Purchase Service'.

6. When the driver arrives, give the customer’s items to the driver. The driver will then pay you the cost of the items.

7. The driver will go to the customer’s location and deliver the items.

8. The customer will pay the driver the cost of the items and the delivery fee


Explore our delivery truck service with cash on delivery (COD) and find the ideal delivery truck dimensions that suit your needs perfectly! See our Pricing Page for affordable delivery truck rates. We also offer Long Haul Delivery, check out Going the Distance: Why long haul delivery services are essential for more.

With Lalamove's COD services, ordering for your customers becomes exceptionally straightforward. Moreover, for you, the process of collecting payments is now even more hassle-free and convenient.





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