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Affordable Long Haul Delivery across Luzon and in Cebu

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Looking for long-haul delivery trucks across Luzon and in Cebu? Look no further because Lalamove is here to deliver business supplies to any point in our serviceable areas.

Let our wide variety of fleets help you with the logistics operations of your business with affordable rates and quality service from our delivery truck partner drivers.




Long Distance Delivery Truck Rates

Vehicle Type Dimension Vehicle Capacity Long Distance Rate Starts At

1000 small truck-1

1000 kg Small Truck


L: 7 ft 

W: 4 ft

H: 4 ft


1,000 KG


P1,190 Base Fare



P1,160 Base Fare  

2000 Medium truck-1

2000 kg Medium Truck


L: 9 ft

W: 5.5 ft

H: 5.5 ft


2,000 KG



P2,690 Base Fare



P2,570 Base Fare   


3000 kg Large Truck


L: 14 ft 

W: 6 ft

H: 7 ft


3,000 KG


P3,600 Base Fare



P3,180 Base Fare  


7000 kg Large Truck


L: 18/21 ft 

W: 6 ft

H: Open


7,000 KG


P6,420 Base Fare



P6,800 Base Fare  

12kg 10w-1

12,000 kg Wing Van


L: 10 ft 

W: 2.4 ft

H: 2.3 ft


12,000 KG


P10,600 Base Fare



(Paalala: Ang service fare ay base sa iba't ibang bagay, tulad ng sitwasyon ng traffic, order volume, availability ng partner drivers, applicable toll fees, surcharges, at iba pa. Dahil dito, ang total service fare ay maaaring mag-iiba. Ang fare na naka-display sa oras ng request ay maaaring hindi kapareho ng nakasaad kung may pagbabago sa mga detalye ng order.)






Lalamove is the trusted logistics partner for SMEs because of our long-haul delivery services. Our commitment has always been to deliver your products on time through a hassle-free experience with the help of our delivery truck partner drivers.



Real-Time Tracking

Lalamove general users and corporate clients can make use of web and mobile app-based Real-time GPS Tracking that allows you to track the current location of your package.

With this feature, the sender can keep tabs on the progress of their delivery, and even share the tracking details with the receiver (or recipients) of the package. There will be no need to jot down the tracking number for any transported goods!


Loading and Unloading

The country's leading truck service provider knows that delivering packages involves loading and unloading needs.

That is why Lalamove's professional partner drivers are ready to conveniently serve your long haul delivery by providing an additional assistant when you load or unload your packages. Users have the option to add an extra helper if necessary.


Additional Stops

There's more to Lalamove's long haul delivery service: users can add up to 20 stops along the way. For business owners who need to transport tons of items to their customers, this feature is essential and cost-efficient.

You can book from Makati and drop off up to 19 stops along the way, from Cubao, to Quezon City, to Bulacan, Pampanga, Bataan, and even Olongapo. No need to make multiple bookings with this option! Check out Last Mile Delivery: Save Money, Deliver More with Multi-Stop for more details.


Customer Service Support

Should there be any hiccups on the road -- on, during, or before the pick-up or drop-off of goods -- Lalamove's customer service support is here to heed the call.

As the leading 4 wheeler truck service and logistics solutions provider, we aim to help our users in any way we can by answering your queries and resolving your concerns as soon as possible.


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Business Benefits from Long Haul Delivery

Business growth entails servicing more clients. To reach more customers, Lalamove can help with our expanded coverage area not just across Luzon, but also in Cebu.

Managing your own fleet is good, but with the help of your trusted delivery partner Lalamove, you can focus on other matters without having to spend time preparing routes, scheduling deliveries, and coordinating with three or more drivers. Learn How Eggstop reached more customers with long-haul delivery here! 

For same-day, on-demand, or scheduled short- and long-distance, or mid-mile and last-mile delivery, Lalamove's wide-ranged fleets and long-haul truck services in Cebu and across Luzon are ready to deliver.


Pick the right vehicle type

Businesses of all sizes across various industries have a variety of vehicle requirements. With Lalamove, you can choose from our sedans, MPVs, L300s, and trucks. No matter how big or small the items are, rest assured that our vehicles can accommodate your deliveries.


Go for cost-efficient deliveries

Transporting raw materials or finished products to customers, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers is one of the most integral parts of business operations. Buying a truck for logistics is one option, but it entails costs for insurance, maintenance, parking spaces, and the fees for the driver.

To lower your business expenses, Lalamove is here to provide the outsourced third-party logistics solutions you need. With our affordable long-distance delivery rates and professional partner drivers, convenience is basically what you will be paying for.


Safe and secure packages

In Lalamove, we ensure that transporting your goods is seamless so you won't have to worry about your packages getting damaged on the road. Our professional and reliable partner drivers are trained and well-known for the proper handling of packages, whether light, heavy, or in bulk.


Lalamove for Business

A report by the Department of Trade and Industry shows that MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) account for almost 63% of the country's total employment. With their top activities ranging from manufacturing, retail trade, and food service, a trusted 3PL Delivery Truck Provider like Lalamove is needed to fulfill their delivery truck requirements.


For business owners looking for logistics solutions that meet the needs of their business and customers, Lalamove for Business offers a variety of benefits, such as:


  1. Route optimization

  2. Proof of delivery

  3. Exclusive monthly rebates

  4. Flexible pricing

  5. Multiple touch-points

  6. A dedicated account manager

If you're wondering How to Unlock New Markets with Sedan Long Distance Delivery, start expanding your business with the leading third-party logistics solutions provider, Lalamove. 



More of Lalamove's Long Haul Truck Service & other features

Need vehicles for personal use? Our delivery vans and trucks are great for lipat-bahay delivery to deliver fragile items. Online sellers can also use our trucking service to deliver products straight to their customers (B2C) or to send over supplies to other businesses (B2B) as their third-party logistics (3PL) provider.

Choose the truck service that would best fit your need with the help of this quick guide to 4-wheeler delivery truck vehicles available in Lalamove. Whatever your delivery needs are, Lalamove has long-haul delivery vehicles that you can easily book via our delivery app whenever, wherever. 


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