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10 Ways to Express LALALOVE this Valentine’s Day

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LALALove is in the air… With Valentine’s Day comes the pressure of what to give to or do for your significant other. Not to worry – there are different ways to say “I love you”, and sometimes, words aren’t needed to express it.

As mentioned in an article published in Forbes, the science of Valentine’s Day gift-giving is tricky, so here are several ways for you to express your love. And if you’re a last-minute gift-giver, some of these presents can be sent via same-day delivery.



1. Plan a romantic date

Nothing beats uninterrupted quality time, especially on a romantic night. Maybe go to your favorite restaurant, like where you first met. It will be a chance to reminisce how far your relationship has come.

Or plan a picnic for an outdoor date. If you don’t have the time to prepare, you can always buy everything online and have them picked up via delivery service.

Once the date’s all set, let the romance commence. 


2. Express it with flowers

If you’re not very keen on words, might as well let the flowers do the talking.

Take flowers, for instance – their “It’s a Love Story” Valentine’s Day Collection features an array of bouquets wherein each one is a carefully crafted chapter in the tale of romance.



FOR EXTRAORDINARILY SPECIAL MOMENTS: The “Peach Perfection” bouquet, available for same-day delivery, is curated to make special moments extraordinarily special with the warmth and beauty of peach hues.

You can never go wrong with flowers. Let the flower bouquets of in Metro Manila narrate your love story. Choose from their thoughtfully designed flower arrangements and make this Valentine’s season unforgettably beautiful for you and your loved one.


AN ORCHESTRA OF ROMANTIC NOTES. Have the “Lilac Symphony” delivered same-day to enchant your significant other with the melody of lilac hues.


3. Express it with flowers


A UNIVERSAL LOVE LANGUAGE. Buy sweet treats as a Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone.


Chocolates may seem basic, but they’re called “sweet treats” for a reason; they are a universal love language, especially during Valentine’s season. Historically, according to an article in Esquire, chocolate has represented love like no other singular gift idea.

You can’t go wrong with chocolates, what with a myriad of flavors and edible designs that are suited to make your loved ones have a melts-in-your-mouth experience.

If you’re gifting a chocolate connoisseur, truffle chocolates or local artisan chocolatiers are your go-to. Classic Belgian chocolates are also timelessly fitting.



4. Say it with a letter

Bring back the art of writing love letters this February! If money’s a little tight, you can tug on the heartstrings of your significant other with words romantically weaved together.

Not sure how to get started? Here are several tips to get you started.
First off, grab a pen and paper – or a Hallmark card.
Start with a greeting followed by more significant dates in your relationship.
Reminisce about the great times, and how you survived the not-so-good times.
Jot down things you love most about your partner.
Throw in a random anecdote; it will be extra special if it’s a random memory.


EXPRESS LOVE – LITERALLY, WITH A LETTER. Letter writing remains alive, so pour your heart out into a love letter this Valentine’s Day to surprise your special someone.


A love letter is a sure way to express all that you’re feeling. Deliver it within the same day – whether on or before Valentine’s Day for the “snail mail” feels.

The thought and the effort scribbled into heartfelt words in a love letter is a very special gift that could give your loved one tears of joy and butterflies in their tummy. 


5. Create a playlist

If you can say it with flowers, you can also say it with a song – or in this case, an actual playlist. 

Love songs from previous years and various genres can simply be added to curate a heart-tugging playlist.

Apart from this being an actual gift, it’s something that can be present in your daily lives, or maybe on special occasions. Imagine the songs on the playlist helping to set the mood during your date nights at home.

Spotify made it easier for those who have no idea how to do this. According to this Popsugar article, Spotify has an awesome quiz called “Spotify Duo” that can make a playlist with 50 romantic tunes for you.

All you have to do is answer six questions and add a few pictures to put it together. The questions range from “How long have you two been together?” to “What song best describes your relationship?”

If you want to do it yourself, check out our Spotify playlist titled “Time to Lalalove” for the Valentine’s Day feels.



6. Curate a self-care kit

Still not sure what to give to your loved one? Gift them a self-care package that will remind and help them to relax, unwind, and take it easy.

Valentine’s Day, after all, can also be pamper day.

Start with the simple but essential items, like scented candles, topnotch skincare products, comfy bathrobes, and cozy beddings.

Self-care, on another note, also comes in other forms. For instance, a Paint-by-the-Numbers kit could be saying, “Here’s your reminder to carve out some ‘me time’”. 




7. Something that’s in their e-cart

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you’re shopping last-minute gifts and are running out of ideas, check out whatever’s in their online shopping cart.

It will be a pleasant surprise if you checked out the item and it arrives for them already paid for. Or you can also use their online shopping cart to scout for Valentine’s Day gift inspiration.

If you’re going for the latter, checking out Instagram and the Facebook Marketplace for online shops that offer the particular item you’re looking for would help a lot. The good news is items on Instagram online shops and Facebook Marketplace merchants are almost always ready to be picked up and delivered on the same day. So if you’re really cutting it close, no need to fret.



8. Daily tech essentials

Let’s go for the practical ones that would elicit a lot of giggles and hugs when the gift is opened. Anything that can be used on the daily would be greatly appreciated.

It’s a great reminder for your loved one that “it’s the little things that count” plus using them every day would remind them of the gift-giver, which is you.

For example, a power bank comes in handy if your loved one is a daily commuter, especially on long trips. Or if your significant other is almost always in concerts, then a power bank is a must-have.

Music lovers – whether they’re musically inclined or simply enthusiasts – will highly appreciate quality headphones and earphones. Choose the special feature wisely, which can either be noise-cancellation or long-lasting battery power. The great news is these can be readily bought in malls or any store.



If it’s too late to go to the mall,
you can always book the Buy for Me service.




9. Schedule a special class

Consider this Category: Try Something New for Valentine’s Day. A special class can be something your partner has always been talking about but doesn’t have the time to try. Or it could be something that you know you will both enjoy.

Sip and paint class: It’s an exquisite taste to sip wine and paint on a canvass. Sip and Gogh located in Makati combined these two together, and it will be a pleasant surprise that you and your loved one will find fun and memorable

Pottery class: The pottery experience never fails to amaze anyone, whether new or old to it. It’s a chance for you and your significant other to be creative and fulfilling in a totally chill environment. Check out Tahanan Pottery in Quezon City or Wabi Sabi Studio in San Juan if this is right up your alley.

Coffee and matcha workshop: Caffeinated couples will adore the refuge that is Commune Cafe in Makati. Book one of their Coffee University Special Classes spearheaded by the Philippine Coffee Board and Commune to take “for the love of coffee” to the next level. Matcha lovers, on the other hand, can go down the history lane and discover the tradition of matcha preparation at Matchanese – they have a branch in Makati and in SM North EDSA.




Don’t have the time to schedule the class?
You have the Queueing Service at your disposal.



10. Plan a surprise vacation

This last one will never get old – go for a vacation with your loved one this Valentine’s Day! There’s plenty of time to figure out where you want to go, as long as it’s where you can both spend meaningful time together.


Go big by going out of town. If you have the means, fly to a different country, or travel to the tourist destinations in the Philippines. Maybe now is the best time to check out the places you both always wanted to visit.

Or if going out of town is out of the question, a staycation is another option. Some people prefer to just stay at the hotels, or even at home. Simply spice it up with a bed of roses and a candlelight dinner.



Express LALALOVE this Valentine’s Day

Lalamove is here to the rescue to ensure your Valentine’s Day is meaningfully filled with love. Whichever of these gifts you choose, Lalamove has the specific services to help you – more than affordable Lalamove rates and same-day delivery.

Need to purchase a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift? Book Lalamove and get it delivered within the same day.

Got a gift that’s a city or two away from you? Book long-distance delivery via the app – and still get the package within the day

Don’t have time to buy the gift yourself? Just click the Buy for Me under additional services in the Lalamove app and our partner drivers can buy it for you.

No matter what you give, it all comes down to how well you know your loved one. It’s not about the grandiosity of the gift – it’s the thought and the effort that counts. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Download Lalamove in time for Valentine’s Day!










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