5 ways to use Lalamove delivery service

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The delivery game has drastically changed over the years and most importantly, it is playing a huge role in simplifying our lives. Especially since delivery services are being utilised more than just for traditional means because of on demand apps like Lalamove. There are so many different situations in your life where an on-the-go delivery app would have come in handy but you probably never knew!

So, we share some ways Lalamove delivery service could save you the hassle and time in your everyday lives:

1) IKEA; furniture store


Furniture shopping used to be a time and labour intensive activity. It required us to visit our favourite furniture store and later book a delivery slot with the store in order to get your new goodies home - this not only slowed down the process of sprucing up our homes but also required planning ahead to make sure someone was able to receive the delivery.

But thankfully, gone are those painstaking days! Furniture shopping these days require minimal effort with most items being able to be bought online or for some of us who enjoy picking items physically, we can easily book an immediate delivery with Lalamove.

2) Electronics shopping

Electronics are what we are all about this century! Most of us are slaves to our gadgets for every aspect in our lives - be it work, chores and even play. Washing machines, kettles, printers, computers, Xbox - you name it, it’s endless! Next time you’re electronic shopping at your preferred departmental store or even on your favourite online marketplace, simply book a delivery service so the only thing you need to worry about is when you’re going to be able to unwrap and use your new gadget.

3) Shopping mall

With the boom of e-commerce most of us have not looked back at shopping malls. After all, why go through the hassle of having to lug your shopping home when you can simply have it delivered to your doorstep right? But, sometimes even with the pleasures of online shopping, physically picking out an item and being 100% sure before purchasing it is definitely the most satisfying feeling. By being able to get a shopping mall delivery service within the same day to your doorstep lets us easily enjoy the best of both worlds!

4) Decathalon; sports stores

Keeping healthy has never gone out of style and sports supplies are items that most of us rely on very often. Some of our sports goods also tend to be bulky and/or heavy which can be a chore to get home. But by being able to pick the appropriate sized vehicle type for your specific goods to be delivered, you’re only paying only for the service you need and also saving yourself the trouble of planning a delivery for your new lifestyle goods.

5) Storage delivery

What do we do when we happen to have more clutter than we’d like lying around the house? Store it away of course! Storage facilities are increasingly being heavily utilised in Singapore, especially because majority of Singapore homes are apartments that do not give us the luxury of garage spaces. Storage spaces are a great way for us to keep items temporarily while we make room in our homes or even as an extra space to keep items that we would probably want to retrieve again in the future. Lalamove is partnered with StorHub Singapore to simplify the lives of storage facility users. With Lalamove, storage facility users do not need to make a time-consuming trips down just to pick up or drop items off.

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