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Right from production to delivery of a product, all the links in a supply chain have to be strong for a small business to grow. Most small businesses give more focus to the production and marketing stages but disregard one of the most critical links – the last mile. A reliable last mile delivery solution will help businesses boost profits and avoid unnecessary hiccups during the logistics process. This is because no matter how good the quality of a product or service is, if it doesn’t reach the end customer fast, all the effort put into its production and taking it to market will be futile. 

However, last mile delivery solution ensures products reach the end consumer fast to ensure small businesses maximise their profitability by growing their customer base and garnering return customers. 


How Last Mile Delivery Has Transformed the Logistics Space

Small businesses experience holdups and delays in the final stage of the supply chain when demand rises. These delays can make them lose customers, which means reduced profits. The last mile delivery solution has shaped and transformed the logistics space for small businesses through the ways listed below to ensure there are no delays in product delivery. 


Fast Order Fulfilment

Last mile delivery solution makes it easy for small businesses to meet delivery demands for their customers. With this solution, customers can expect to get products delivered to them within the shortest time possible, which makes the shopping experience smoother and speedier. As a result, customers would then return for more due to the stellar experience.


Secure Deliveries with Order Tracking

Through last mile delivery, customers (and merchants) can enjoy a peace of mind by getting delivery updates on the progress of their orders. This can smoothen the delivery process and reduce anxiety that comes with the fear of a missing or lost parcel while in transit, especially since customers have an expected timeline on the arrival of their goods. Furthermore, there is a way to prove the completion of the whole delivery process through digital signatures and other means; hence, eliminating conflicts that may arise during or after the delivery process. 



The last mile delivery has simplified the experience for small businesses and consumers by making deliveries convenient. Clients only need to place an order and collect the products from the nearest pick-up station. Better still, for customers with well-defined physical addresses, they can get products delivered on their doorstep. Therefore, last mile delivery solution relieves the small businesses the burden of ensuring their products reach their customers. Furthermore, last mile delivery saves the customers their time and money from driving, parking and petrol. Imagine that, by shopping with your business the customer gets to save money and spending his time doing other things more important to them. Would you call that adding value? 

Last mile delivery has transformed the logistics space for small businesses for the benefit of the businesses and their customers. Small businesses benefit most from this transformation. This is because, when customers can purchase products and then get their products delivered fast, this builds good customer experience and will earn you their loyalty to your business. Having loyal customers for a small business means repeating purchases, which increases business’ profit and further growth. 


Why Small Businesses Should Scale Up with a Last Mile Delivery Provider

Every small business desires to accomplish long-term growth. However, investing in your own fleet to manage deliveries when businesses are too small and cannot fully utilize the heavy investment can cause you a huge chunk of profit or worse your company. Outsourcing deliveries to a third-party is one way through which small businesses can scale up and grow while minimizing your risk and exposure to heavy expenses. When you partner with a last mile delivery provider, you will boost the growth of your business through the following ways:


Save on Resources and Manpower Headcount 

Product delivery is one of the most expensive exercises in the supply chain. It requires a lot of resources, such as vehicles and headcount, to undertake it successfully. This may be expensive for a small business. Hiring the services of a company that has specialised in deliveries like Lalamove will save you the trouble of hiring many personnel or investing in many resources to make deliveries and hence increase your profits. Lalamove’s all-in-one logistics platform is equipped with the necessary tools to get your goods in the hands of your customers. 


Speed and Increase Turnover Rate

Time is an essential aspect in the business world, and no business can ever have enough of it. A product is useful to a customer only when they can receive it on a timely basis and in our society that is in love with instant gratification, this becomes more important than ever. Lalamove does not only assist you to successfully deliver products to your customers quickly, but also increases your overall inventory turnover to boost business operations, and eventually scale up to maximise profits.


Flexibility to Scale for Your Needs

Last mile delivery solution allows small businesses to scale to their needs in terms of delivery schedules and order demands. This solution can allow you to deliver your products to your customers according to schedules that best suits you and your customers. Besides, last mile delivery will follow the order demand trends of your small business depending on the season. 

Fluctuations are the order of the day in the business world. At one time, you will have non-stop order demands streaming into your business while, on other days, the orders placed will become considerably low. This means maintaining a fleet of delivery vehicles when orders are low will become expensive for your business. Again, when the orders are too much, it may be overwhelming for your small business and the resources you have. You will either have to invest in more delivery resources or forego fulfilling some of the orders. 

When you outsource the deliveries to a third-party, you will not have to worry about the burdensome expenses of low delivery demand or how to meet all your orders when the demand rises. Last mile delivery companies like Lalamove specialise in this area and have a large fleet of over 15,000 riders and drivers to meet your business needs. So, whether you have low or high order demands, you can always rely on this company to deliver your products without affecting your profits or spending too much. 


Safety and Insurance

Accidents happen when we least expect. Products may be damaged during the delivery process, and when your business is undertaking the deliveries, it means you will be accountable for damaged products. This reduces profit margins for your business. With added insurance for every shipment, this will minimise the risks that come along during transportation.

However, for third-party delivery companies like Lalamove, they have the experience, resources, and technology to ensure the delivery process is done without loss or damage to products. Even if damage occurs, the company will be fully liable because they have an insurance policy that caters for such incidences. The safety of your products will be the least of your worries when you hand them over to a third-party delivery company. 


Expertise on Logistics and Customer Handling

Being experts on logistics and last mile delivery solutions, third-party delivery companies would have the best knowledge on working alongside business operations to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Lalamove has a better understanding of logistics management being industry leaders, and managing deliveries for many small businesses from different industries, they have the expertise that can guarantee a seamless last mile delivery experience that you can’t achieve on your own. 

Using an on-demand delivery company like Lalamove will not only give you access to a faster delivery service but also allow you to outsource the painstaking job of managing customer support and experience for your deliveries. 


Great Customer Experience

Customer is the force that determines the direction which any business will take in terms of growth. When there are more customers to your business, you will experience rapid growth. When there are no customers, your business will remain stagnant or fall. The experience you give to your customers is what will attract them to your brand or send them away. 

Last mile delivery ensures your customers get their deliveries fast and safe. Besides, your customers are treated with professionalism. This enhances their experience with your brand, which will make them loyal to your business. Having loyal customers translates to repeat sales which means you will have more profits and growth for your business. 


Why Lalamove to Solve Last Mile Delivery Needs?

Last mile delivery is only beneficial to a business if a reliable and professional company undertakes it. Being already an industry leader in last mile delivery, Lalamove is one of the ideal companies that you can trust to give you the best delivery experience. Check out the ways in which you get to enjoy by collaborating with Lalamove:


Speedy Deliveries 

At Lalamove, you get to enjoy 1-hour intracity deliveries. Our delivery services are flexible and available for on-demand or scheduled deliveries. 


24/7 Access to Large Fleet of Drivers

Here at Lalamove, we are ready to make your product reach your customer at any time of the day. We have over 15,000 highly trained riders, and drivers prepared to make your delivery possible. This has enabled us to fulfil 3,500 + deliveries daily


Real-Time Tracking

With Lalamove last mile delivery solution, we have a technology that allows your clients to track the progress of their order. You will know where the driver is and also get proof of deliveries once the delivery is completed. 


Different Vehicle Types

Lalamove’s last mile delivery service is designed to cater to the needs of a wide range of customers. In this regard, we have six different vehicle types for different types of items. 


Fast Driver Match Time

Everything at Lalamove is speedy to ensure your customers don’t keep waiting for the items they order from your business. We take as little as 25 secs on average to get you matched with a rider or driver to deliver your products. 


Fast Arrival After Matching

Our riders and drivers are always ready to serve you whenever you need them. Once you are matched with a rider or driver, you will only wait for up to 20 minutes on average before they arrive. 


Get your Shipments Insured

Lalamove takes every precaution to ensure your products are delivered in good condition. In this regard, we have an insurance policy of up to $2000 for every shipment. Should anything happen during the delivery process, you don’t have to worry because we have got it taken care of by our insurance company. 


Professional Customer Service Support

We know you are one of the greatest assets we have as a last mile delivery company. We strive to ensure you are comfortable by providing you with seven days a week customer service support (regardless of whether it’s a Public Holiday or not!)


Account Management Support

When corporate entities sign up for Lalamove for Business, they are guaranteed account management support. These will be the industry experts who will assist to coordinate and minimise your logistics costs by working together with a common goal of growing your business.


Common Businesses That Use Lalamove Last Mile Delivery


Lalamove has won the trust of more than 2,500 businesses in the following sectors:


- Food and beverage

- Furniture delivery

- Flowers/plants

- Hampers/gift baskets

- Printing services

- Micro/small e-commerce businesses

The last mile is an essential link in the supply chain that many small businesses don’t give sufficient focus. This has made many small businesses lose customers; hence, reduce their profits. Don’t make that mistake – hire a last mile solution provider to get the deliveries handled proficiently. Lalamove can be your best in last mile delivery. Join the 200k + users that Lalamove is serving to expand your business. Try us today and watch your business transform to levels you have never imagined. 


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