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There’s no denying that we love our shopping in Singapore. We have more malls than we probably need and people from all over Asia flock down to our tiny island just to shop. We love our shopping so much that we have dedicated an entire road for nothing but shopping centers and stores - our old but gold Orchard Road.


And, even with online shopping and e-commerce being all the rage now and with us being able to buy anything we need or want from the comfort of our homes, sometimes you can't beat the thrill that comes with physically going to a store and picking out the items you want. While the tech makes our lives so seamless, the traditional way allows us to fully experience the process of purchasing something -  from window shopping to getting to know how it feels, looks or sounds, to finally deciding to purchase it. But, the downside is mainly having to lug home your goods instead of getting to easily unwrap boxes that arrive at your doorstep or mailboxes like you get with online purchases.

So how can we incorporate our tech-obsessed world while getting to experience shopping physically at shopping centers? That’s when Last Mile Delivery apps like Lalamove becomes a crucial player in making sure you don’t have to do the heavy lifting or transporting of your goods and still being able to bring your items home on the SAME DAY. This way we get to experience the the best of both worlds! You still get to enjoy the excitement of having newly bought items delivered to your doorstep, and having got to make sure you 100% liked it in real-life before making the purchase - yay!

If you've been out and about shopping centers recently, you would have noticed that Lalalmove is in partnership with some of these malls to help their shoppers simplify their shopping experience. To name a few, you can get FREE delivery from selected tenants at Jurong Point or Paragon's concierge helps shoppers to consolidate orders for delivery. 

These services at shopping centers becomes extra handy when shopping for bulky items, especially if the delivery service provided by the specific store would take too long to be delivered. With brands like Harvey Norman, Royal Sporting House and Eu Yan Sang using Lalamove to book on-demand delivery services for their customers over at Jurong Point, customers can shop hassle-free.

Go on and make your shopping 100% fool-proof and beyond just your screens today!

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