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How Etiquetta PH geared up for the holiday rush

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As Christmas day draws near, the holiday traffic gets even worse while everyone is doing their last minute shopping in crowded markets and malls. But gift shopping doesn’t have to be stressful, when you can always rely on online gift shops that could get what you need without enduring the rush. 



Peak season struggles 

Many people are now going to online gift shops and souvenir stores like Etiquetta PH, for their Christmas gifts. But with the demand this peak season, they’re also experiencing challenges in delivery delays of their raw materials and late delivery of finished orders due to limited drivers as the demand continues to surge. 

“One of the challenges we’re facing this holiday season is mostly all about delayed deliveries. As orders increase, delivery drivers also become more limited, especially when we have to deliver many items in different places with heavy traffic,” Etiquetta PH CEO Ria San Juan-Gumaru shared. 

It has also been a struggle for their business to be more efficient in different ways to deliver their items when they have limited logistics resources. 

“Aside from limited drivers, some drivers might also become more selective about the deliveries they accept, particularly in crowded areas,” she added. 


The art of diskarte this holiday season 

For MSMEs like Etiquetta PH, sometimes they have to become more strategic in meeting the demands of their clients and beat the holiday rush. 

“Every year, we urge our customers to book in advance to beat the holiday season. We offer Early Bird Promotions as early as August and a scheduled pick up or set date of releasing orders,” she said. 

And to ensure a more seamless dispatching of orders, they book the deliveries for pick-up early or when the demand for transportation is less, instead of during the peak schedule during the day. 


Lalamove to the rescue! 

Etiquetta PH’s partnership with Lalamove has been fruitful during the peak season when there is an increase in logistics demand. 

“Lalamove always comes to the rescue by providing seamless and efficient on-demand delivery services allowing us to fulfill our orders promptly and maintain customer satisfaction. Truly, they are our reliable partner,” San Juan-Gumaru said. 

Their partnership with Lalamove for Business has opened more resources for a more efficient and convenient delivery experience for their customers through the same-day or next day delivery service. 

“Lalamove's user-friendly app makes it easy to schedule deliveries. You don't need to fill in a lot of information, which is time consuming.  The app is very straightforward,” the CEO said when asked how the platform is helping their business this holiday season. 

Etiquetta PH has also been utilizing the wide range of vehicles that Lalamove offers to help them adapt to the ever-changing demands of their customers during the peak season. 

“Lalamove's vast fleet of vehicles allows us to choose the most suitable option for our delivery needs, whether it's a motorcycle for small and urgent deliveries or a larger vehicle for bulk orders,” she added. 


Need logistics for bulky orders?



Having Lalamove as their logistics partner also enhanced their productivity and efficiency by having a designated Account Manager that would give them a hassle-free experience in every delivery transaction. 

As the peak season approaches, you can learn from Etiquetta PH’s diskarte and partnership with Lalamove as their trusted logistics partner so you can also ease your delivery worries!



Just like Aguirre Office Furniture, you can also expand your business rapidly with Lalamove! Our services cater to a #LongerReach via Long Haul Delivery. Partnering with us will ease the daily hassle of operations and transactions with an Account Manager and Corp Client Perks! 

As the festive season approaches, the demand for swift and secure logistics solutions intensifies. Lalamove's extensive fleet and nationwide coverage ensure prompt and seamless deliveries, allowing businesses to meet heightened customer expectations during this crucial period.

Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of Lalamove's truck services compared to traditional logistics options contributes to improved profit margins for corporate partners.

The user-friendly interface and real-time tracking features further enhance the overall experience, ensuring businesses can navigate the holiday rush with ease and provide exceptional service to their customers.

Wondering How to Sign Up for a Lalamove Business Account? By aligning with Lalamove as a corporate client, businesses can leverage a trusted logistics ally to streamline operations, meet demand efficiently, and thrive during the bustling holiday season via truck service.

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