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This Flower shop is flourishing despite the holiday rush – here’s how

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Flowers are always a good idea to brighten up the place, especially this holiday season! Everyone's busy bustling to set up their Christmas decorations and planning their Christmas parties and reunions, among other gift-giving celebrations.

For businesses, this season isn’t just filled with fun festivities, it’s also an opportunity for increased sales and revenue.

But with the holiday rush and heavy traffic that happens every year, along with the anticipated 20 percent increase in vehicle volume this season, many businesses are trying to catch up.

Ever wonder how flower shops like, a Quezon-City-based flower and gift shop, are preparing for the Christmas rush? 

Luckily, there’s always an option to have items delivered straight to everyone’s homes to avoid the hassle and being trapped in traffic jams. With Lalamove, all of this is possible for   



Challenges this holiday season


“The demand is quite high, especially for our fresh mini pine trees, wreaths, and Christmas centerpieces. Our event styling business is very robust as well and it's a time for a lot of celebrations,” Bloomingails Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abigail Ang-Santander said. 

Due to the high demand, faced one of the major challenges this season: heavy traffic. Aside from that, since they also handle delicate items, it’s also a struggle to ensure that their intricate flower arrangements are safely delivered and always arrive in excellent condition. 

“Flowers, especially when already arranged or decorated, are very fragile. We always worry that our items may get damaged in transit and we don’t want our clients to experience that. This is why safe handling of our items is also our utmost priority,” she added. 

But to ensure that the business continues to flourish and take on the needs of its clients, Bloomingails came up with a plan to beat the holiday rush. 

Got bulky deliveries?



Beating the holiday rush 101


“We [make sure to] prepare and send out orders very early or after rush hour and [ensure] that we are on top of inventory, [so we] don't have to do [a lot] of rush orders for [flowers and other gift items],” she added. 

With Lalamove as their logistics partner, has an upper hand in ensuring that they have seamless day-to-day delivery operations. 

“[In the platform], I don't have to wait for the driver to come back to go on another errand. I can book multiple drops or multiple vehicles for our time-sensitive products to reach the customer on time,” the CEO said.

When asked about their favorite feature in the app, she mentioned that the Trusted Driver feature has been useful. “We always need to make sure the deliveries are carefully delivered and the drivers are courteous to our [clients] despite being stuck in traffic the whole day,” she added. 

What works for and Lalamove


As Lalamove’s partner for Business, was able to overcome many challenges whether it be during the holidays or just a normal business day.  With Lalamove, they unlocked business solutions that accelerated their performance. 

Same-Day Delivery

“Most of the time, we need to deliver items on the spot or in advance, particularly for birthdays or anniversaries. When this happens, Lalamove is always there to make sure it happens because they offer same-day and next-day delivery,” she said. 

Aside from same-day delivery, Lalamove also caters to large delivery orders because of its wide range of fleet from motorcycles, sedans, and trucks, available nationwide across Luzon and island-wide Cebu. 

“It’s easier and more cost-effective for us now to transport big orders when we have clients for big events because we can just book a truck in the Lalamove app to transport all the items in one go,” she added. 

Seamless Logistics

For seamless coordination, Lalamove offers a designated Account Manager that would help businesses like Bloomingails with their logistics needs anytime.'s partnership with Lalamove made it possible to reach elevated efficiency in terms of creating great customer experience while adapting to the growing demands. 

“With Lalamove as our delivery partner, we can even more proudly position ourselves as the most trusted online flower delivery in Metro Manila,” the CEO said. 



No need to worry about the high demand during the holiday season. Learn from these business owners and go for their logistics tactics with Lalamove, your trusted delivery partner in Luzon and Cebu.

Just like, you can also ease your business’ delivery worries with Lalamove! Visit for more information. 


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As the festive season approaches, the demand for swift and secure logistics solutions intensifies. Lalamove's extensive fleet and nationwide coverage ensure prompt and seamless deliveries, allowing businesses to meet heightened customer expectations during this crucial period.

Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of Lalamove's truck services compared to traditional logistics options contributes to improved profit margins for corporate partners.

The user-friendly interface and real-time tracking features further enhance the overall experience, ensuring businesses can navigate the holiday rush with ease and provide exceptional service to their customers.

Wondering How to Sign Up for a Lalamove Business Account? By aligning with Lalamove as a corporate client, businesses can leverage a trusted logistics ally to streamline operations, meet demand efficiently, and thrive during the bustling holiday season via truck service.

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