Dangwa Flower Delivery Made Easy

Thinking about the perfect last-minute gift can get a bit rattling; after all, there are so many factors that need to be considered in thinking about what gift to get your loved ones.

However, having flowers delivered may be a good idea. Although they may not have “practical purpose” everyone still loves them so why not try it! Still not convinced? Well, we’re here to tell you how flower delivery can be made easy Lalamove's Purchase Service! Here's a list of some of the most trusted local florists in Dangwa, Manila: 


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Looking for blooming pieces that would light up the whole room? Your local florist at Beautiful Blossoms will surely make it amazing! Pin your pick-up location on our Lalamove App at 1633 Dimasalang Road, Sta Cruz Manila 1014, and click on Lalamove's Purchase Service. The best flower delivery is already here!



The Arleen Blossom, also known as "Dangwa Florist", caters to any occasion such as Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Grand Opening, Funeral, etc. Convenient right? It's like a one-stop shop! Lalamove your flower delivery and put their location: 1265 Dos Castillas, Sampaloc Manila 1008.

We'll make sure they'll surely arrive on time! Receiving flowers is also something anyone would love! Be it for your mom, girlfriend, or sister — they would all surely love getting a flower delivery. Why not break gender norms and send a fresh basket of flowers to your dad while you're at it. Again, you can never go wrong with flowers because they can be enjoyed by anyone.



In surprising your loved ones, size won't actually matter! It could be one big bouquet or a single sweet rose, we're sure the recipient would love it! Oh, and don't forget to throw in a personalized card with it! Blessed Heart Flower Shop will surely cater to all your requests! Just put the pickup location on Stall #11 Dos Castillas St. Sampaloc 1008, Manila and our Lalamove Partner Drivers will take good care of it! We definitely love doing flower delivery & the excitement it brings!

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Easy to Deliver

Convenience is the name of the game nowadays, and given that you’re reading this last-minute, you probably need a little help with that Flower Delivery. Good thing Lalamove is here! With our Purchase Service, you can get a driver to buy and deliver your flowers! Just pay when you receive the item!

Tap on “Purchase Service” under the Additional Services section, and write the item you want bought in the Notes. It’s that easy!


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