Gifts and Flowers Delivery Ideas

Thinking about the perfect last-minute gift can get a bit rattling; after all, there are so many factors that need to be considered in thinking about what gift to get your loved ones.

However, having a novelty item or flowers delivered may be a good idea. Although these items don’t have “practical purpose” everyone still loves them so why not try it! Still not convinced? Well, we’re here to tell you why these are the perfect gift delivery ideas that you can get with Lalamove's Purchase Service!


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Size Won't Matter

Apparel and shoes are great gift ideas. However, you have to know the size of your recipient, and if you plan on giving a surprise gift, fishing for their size may blow your cover. Novelty items are great because size won’t matter. It could be a giant pencil or a miniature decorative chair and your gift would still be appreciated and used. 


If you're having a flower delivered on the other hand, size still won't matter! It could be one big bouquet or a single sweet rose, we're sure the recipient would love it! Throw in a personalized card, and you will certainly make your loved one smile 💖


Basic Gifts With a Twist

Given that novelty items are quirky and silly gifts, anyone who gets them would surely like them. Most people get basic gifts - wall clock, picture frame, mug, socks… the list goes on! Getting these would be nice, but it can get a bit boring. 


However, giving these basic items a little twist can make them great gifts! Imagine, a quirky picture frame with funny quotes or sticks in a special way, or a mug shaped like a pug’s head - cute, right? And anyone who’ll receive any of these gifts would definitely like it!


There's Something for Everyone

From cute to naughty - there’s really something for everyone! Giving a gift to a preppy girl? There’s a pink feathered pen that she’d definitely love! How about a gift for that muscled officemate who only wears black? A cool looking card bottle opener would definitely make him smile. Again, there’s really something for everyone so you can never go wrong with novelty items.

Receiving flowers is also something anyone would love! Be it for your mom, girlfriend, or sister — they would all surely love getting a flower delivery. Why not break gender norms and send a fresh basket of flowers to your dad while you're at it! Again, you can never go wrong with flowers because they can be enjoyed by anyone.


Easy to Deliver

Convenience is the name of the game nowadays, and given that you’re reading this last-minute, you probably need a little help. Good thing Lalamove is here! With our Purchase Service, you can get a driver to buy your novelty item or deliver your flowers and just pay when you receive the item!

Just tap on “Purchase Service” under the Additional Services section, and write the item you want bought in the Notes. It’s that easy!


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