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In the fast-paced world of deliveries, the unsung hero that often goes unnoticed is the delivery bag. 

Whether you're a seasoned Lalamove driver partner or just starting out, investing in a quality delivery bag is a decision that can significantly impact your entire delivery experience, especially when it involves food and beverage. 

Here are some reasons why our game-changing Lalabag should be in your delivery arsenal:

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Ensure Freshness and Safety of Food

Our Lalabags are meticulously designed with cutting-edge insulation to guarantee the delivery of food in a fresh and safe condition, maintaining optimal temperature conditions throughout no matter the weather. Our Lalabags are also fully adjustable with interior compartments that can be modified.

Brand Representation

Contribute to shaping a unified brand identity as an integral community of committed drive partners operating within Lalamove. Streamline the order identification process for restaurants, making it simpler for them to prioritize your orders, as you are an essential part of our collective identity.

Order Advantage

When competing for orders, driver partners with Lalabag have a 70% higher chance to win compared to delivery drivers without Lalabag. Lalabag driver partners also enjoy filtering on-demand and scheduled orders by district. Delivery partners without a Lalabag can only access district filters for scheduled orders.


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All you need to do to access these benefits is to submit a photo of your Lalabag in the first week of every month to keep on securing more Lalabag orders! Here’s what you need to take note while submitting your Lalabag photo for benefits retention -

1) Photos taken to be in a well-lit area
2) Lalabag is visible and in good condition
3) Vehicle plate is clear, visible, and accurate

Here are examples of Lalabag photos that are rejected: 


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Here’s how you can purchase your 'Lalabag' through the Lalamove Driver App:

Step 1: Open Lalamove Driver App, click on Profile and then select 'LalaKit'

Step 2: Select 'Lalabag' for purchase & click Continue. You can select more than 1 item at a time.

Step 3: Choose a Pick-up Date & Time, click Confirm to schedule your appointment.

On top of your Lalabag benefits, you can also tap into our monthly driver referral drive program as well as daily & weekly missions, ensuring you make as much as you possibly can in a day of successfully completing deliveries.

Driver Joining Incentives

Explore our monthly initiative for new and existing drivers! Complete one order as a new Lalamove driver to unlock up to $120 in joining incentives. Referring new members? Earn up to $180 in rewards! Visit our driver referral page for details. Your Lalamove journey goes beyond deliveries – it's about rewarding experiences. Here's a detailed breakdown: 




Daily & Weekly Missions

Lalamove's daily and weekly completion missions are more than just targets; they're a boost of motivation and excitement for our drivers. Join through the Lalamove Driver app, complete order targets within the time frame, and earn up to $50 weekly in mission rewards. Elevate your journey with Lalamove and experience achievement with every delivery!


In the world of deliveries, where time is of the essence and the condition of goods is paramount, a dedicated delivery bag emerges as an invaluable asset. From temperature control to professionalism and the fact that you can earn more, the benefits of investing in a quality bag are multifaceted. Why wait? Get your Lalabag now!

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