Logistic secrets you need to know about successful small businesses

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Being a business owner comes with its own set of ups and downs. Everyone knows that it’s not as simple as having a brilliant business idea; starting a business comes with its fair share of trials and tribulations. Without hurdles, there’s no growth and that’s exactly how successful businesses thrive in our ever-changing economic climate. Especially, if you’re a small business, you are bound to have limitations and resources that other bigger companies would have easy access to. But, small businesses continue to succeed and we are here to spill the beans on some secrets that attribute to it.

Picking the right logistics partner


Unsurprisingly, this is the first on the list. Logistical operations is key to successful businesses - you could be raking in demand for your products, but without a good operations plan lined up, a business is most likely going to be struggling. After all, logistical operations is the backbone of businesses, it makes sure that your already awesome product gets to your customers safe and sound. Ensuring a good system would not only simply mean to hire the best people or spend exuberant amounts on external partners. Especially seeing that small businesses need to be extra wary of where they’re putting their money at.

The right logistics partner should be able to complement your business with the support and flexibility that all small businesses would require. For example, do you need a simplified way of consolidating your deliveries and amount spent in a monthly basis or need extra support when you have busier seasons? That’s exactly when your delivery partner has to come in extra handy to make sure your operations will be smooth.

Offering same day and on-demand delivery

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Speed is the only thing that matters in our fast-paced world, where getting things sorted instantaneously is what we all want and especially what customers seek for. Especially with the boom of online businesses and same day delivery services, waiting is no longer something customers are used to - they want it as fast as possible. Being a business owner means, being able to provide the fastest delivery option to your customers. But does that mean spending more on overhead costs to manage your own fleet of drivers? No! With many alternatives out there, you can skip this unnecessary cost altogether. This becomes extra crucial if your product's delivery is time-sensitive, like a food-based business, where speed and safety will be the only thing that matters for both the business and the customer.

On-demand delivery platforms like Lalamove simplify this hassle for you by only allowing you to pay for delivery services you need, when you need it. With this, you can have the luxury of having a delivery rider or driver on call, for any vehicle type you might require depending on the size and quantity of items needing to be delivered. The added features, like multi-stop function or optimizing your routes ensures that your logistical costs can be kept at its lowest! These platforms also provide you with additional support in terms of supporting your demand without any extra costs involved.

Using a service-oriented delivery partner

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“The customer’s always right.” - this has been a lifelong virtue for every business out there and there’s a reason why. Customers are the forefront of our businesses, they’re support and referrals are the pinnacle of how businesses stay afloat. Needless to say, a happy customer is bound to return for more and he/she might bring more friends along too! This is exactly why every partner your business works together with needs to make sure your customer’s happiness is a priority for them too - partnerships are meant to be a team effort!

When engaging with a delivery partner, ensure their customer service team is strong and reliable, an added bonus would be their support hours - the longer the better! We all want the best people to be representing our brands and entailing the right delivery partner will ensure your customers are satisfied but also being able to communicate and solve issues if a mix-up were to ever happen. 

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