3 Tips on How You to Maximize Valentine’s for Your Business

The season of love is upon us all again and we’re sure businesses everywhere are on a frenzy trying to win the hearts of so many customers! In these times, you have to make yourself a cut above the rest by providing services and features that no other shop can give and do! Aside from this, you also have to be smart with your operations to make everything run as smooth as butter. Which is why we’re here to help by giving you tips on how to do this:

Tip #1: Treat them to FREE/Discounted Delivery

Just like in courtship, treating your prospect is a great technique to get their sweet affirmation. Treating your customers to a free, high-value service is a great way to make them choose you instead of your competitors. Make sure to put a minimum order for these kinds of promos to make it worth it for you as well. If it's too costly, you can just offer a discount on their delivery. Whatever happens, they’d surely consider your shop more.


Tip #2: Make it easy for them with COD

Cash on delivery is in demand today. Since people are already getting their items via delivery, why should we make paying for those items hard for them? Help your customers have an easier transaction with COD! With Lalamove, you can do this through the Roundtrip + Cash Handling technique. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Get the orders from your clients and collect them (up to 20 orders)
2. Prepare all the orders and label them correctly to help our drivers
3. Input your location as Pick Up
4. Input the many different locations of your customers as Drop Off points (make sure you input the correct contact details per Drop Off)
5. Tick Round Trip and Cash Handling under Additional Services, then click Deliver Now/Schedule
6. Write your notes for the driver, then Place Order
7. Give the items to the driver, and while en route track your deliveries via app
8. The driver will send the item/s to each customer and will collect the payments
9. After the last drop off, the driver will go back to you to remit the payments of your customers and for you to pay the delivery fee

There’s actually 2 other ways for you to do this! Check out how to do this via this link.


Tip #3: Book multi-stop to make it easier for you

Transactions shouldn’t just be easy and pocket-friendly for your customers - it should be for you as well! By booking a multi-stop delivery with Lalamove, you can send to up to 20 customers in just a single booking! Talk about convenient, right? By doing this, you are optimizing the cost of your deliveries, which can make help make your life easier!


Love is in the air… and it smells like a great business opportunity, so you better make the most of it by getting Lalamove for Business! Sign up now!

Get Lalamove for Business now!

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