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Discounts, discounts, discounts! Who doesn't love promos and discounts? Whether you're already a promo junkie or simply always on the lookout for promos, Lalamove is here to help you save more on deliveries. 


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Basically, a promo code is given to users that gives a discount, usually in the form of a percentage, to the total amount of the total bill.

Here's what it looks like! When you open the Lalamove app, you will see a bell button in the upper right corner. Click that and you will go to our newsfeed, which contains different discounts you may enjoy.







Get those budol finds! P50 off on Motorcycle, min spend of P70. P100 off on 4W vehicles, min spend of P200.


Treat yourself! First-time users get 50% (max P50 for 2W; max P150 for 4W). 25% off for existing users.


Long distance delivery? No problem! P250 off on regular and long-distance trucks, mind spend of P440.



A small treat for first-time users! P50 off x3 on Motorcycle, min spend of P70. 


Go for the winning move!

(First-time user)
P50 off on Motorcycle, min spend of P70.
P100 off x2 on 4W, spend of P200.

(Existing user)
P15 off on Motorcycle, min spend of P70.
P30 off x2 on 4W, min spend of P200.



Speed up your 4-wheel delivery! 15% off (max P150) on 4W vehicles, no min spend.


Who needs promos?

The simple answer: EVERYONE!

Let's say you're planning to book a long-haul delivery. Instead of spending a lot on the delivery fee, simply use a promo code will upon check-out. 

Our promos are for everyone. For one, business owners, in particular, can entice their customers with affordable delivery rates with our discounts and promo codes.

Who else? Well, workaholics who often forget a lot of stuff at home, or that ~tita~ who loves sending gifts to almost everyone, or even a first-time user who just wants to try the talk of the town on-demand delivery courier, can always avail of our discounts!

Check the Lalamove App for exclusive deals for motorcycle, sedan, MPV, or other truck deliveries. 


Not sure where to find promo codes or how to use the discount coupons?

Click here:

How to Use Lalamove Promo Codes



Value for money is our utmost priority when it comes to accommodating our customers. Lalamove's courier service rates may be cheap, but the quality has always been guaranteed in terms of the safe handling of packages.

If you don't have it yet, download our on-demand mobile delivery app on the Google Play Store or Apple Store now.


Book more and save more with Lalamove. Just input any of the promos and discounts above and enjoy. Now, time to choose! 




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