Riding on PayDay Sales: Is it worth the spend?

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Are you always on the lookout for payday sales and promos?

Just like Alex Gonzaga & Luis Manzano's Businesses, whether brick-and-mortar or online, go all-out with their promos during the 15th and 30th of the month, the time when many consumers have the money to spend. This tactic makes sense not just for businesses, but also for consumers. Here's why:


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Score great deals & discounts

There's no point in denying that promos and sales during payday are awesome because of the amount of money you can save from your purchases. Tons of deals and discounts are up for grabs from your favorite brands and platforms!

While shopping during this time can be exciting, avoid the frustration of impulse buying by comparing prices from other stores to make sure you really get the best payday deals with your trusted same day delivery courier. Save money with Lalamove's Last Mile Delivery with Multi-Stop Service now!

If you're not sure how to use Lalamove promo codes yet, here's a quick guide:



Spend wisely within the budget

Attractive prices and good deals can be overwhelming, but try your best to fight the urge to spend way too much.

Be strategic about your spending starting with this rule: don't spend more than you earned for the month. Set a budget specifically for payday shopping. One example is by checking out items that are already in your cart, compute the total, and see how that amount plays out with your budget.

Another rule to consider is the 50-30-20: set aside the 50% on needs, spend the 30% on wants, and keep the 20% as savings.


Prioritize needs vs wants

As Marie Kondo always asks, "Does this spark joy?"

This is a question that you can definitely keep asking yourself for every purchase spent during sales on payday. Make sure to balance spending on things that make you happy while still knowing that your needs come first. Enjoy Lalamove's Delivery Services: Queueing, Cash Handling & Insulated Bag now!

Here's a tip: utilities come first before shopping.


Save on deliveries with Lalamove

Payday is when you're more capable of buying in bulk, which is an opportunity for you to save on delivery fees!

While some stores are on the lookout for payday offers, you can also make use of delivery discounts if you book yourself. With Lalamove, you can use our promo codes to help you save more.

These usually come in the form of percentages that indicates the discounted amount from the total.




These gems they are not hidden, mind you can be found in our existing platforms. Be informed of the latest payday promos and sales by turning on your Lalamove app's push notifications. Another option is to go to the mobile delivery app and check out the pop-up ads or click the bell icon in the upper right corner to go to the newsfeed.

You can also check out our official social media pages, or hunt our emails sent to your account. Try out the most trusted Express Delivery Service for Food, Documents, and more!

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Fresh greens in Lalabag


Online shopping tips from Lalamove

With Lalamove's pabili service, you can buy something from a store without the hassle of going to the actual store our Partner Drivers can do it for you! Just indicate the amount of the item you need our Partner Driver to purchase and ask them to request the O.R. from the store for proof of payment.

If your items are food that is temperature-sensitive or plants that can't handle too much juggling while on the road, tick off the Lalabag item in the delivery app when booking. This ensures your parcel is protected and handled with extra care upon pick-up to its drop-off.

Take note, however, that some of these services do require additional charges. But it's still value for money as you can rest assured that your goods are well taken care of.

Despite the extra cost, you can see for yourself that our courier services are still cheaper than most. Lalamove's Truck Delivery a large covered vehicle for moving furniture or for trucking. For plus tipid points, make the most out of Food Delivery Hacks You Didn't Know here!




Go cashless or pay COD

Last but not the least, pay as you go.

Lalamove is an on-demand delivery app, which means you only pay based on the courier services you use. You have two options: to pay cash on delivery, or go cashless and make the payment via your Lalamove wallet.

When you look at the bigger picture, the biggest cost-saving source with Lalamove is that you won't have to buy your own fleet or pay full-time drivers for your delivery needs. This is the win-win solution that any user, whether for personal or business purposes, can make the most out of.

As always, value for money is our utmost priority when it comes to servicing our customers. Our truck delivery service rates may be cheap, but the quality of service is always guaranteed in terms of the safe handling of the package being delivered by our professional Partner Drivers. Try Cash On Delivery (COD) with Lalamove now!



With all these in mind, let Lalamove deliver for you now! Enjoy shopping on payday sales and leave all the hassles of delivery to Lalamove.
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