Safest Delivery Service for Metro Manila Businesses

Making business deliveries can be hard, which is why getting a third-party delivery service provider can be a big help! However, not all could be trusted with your parcel - after all, this is your livelihood we're talking about. Good thing Lalamove is here to help securely deliver your packages to your customers in no time


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But how safe and reliable is a Lalamove delivery? Well, to answer it shortly - it's very safe! But if you need more proof, read on as we talk about the best features about Lalamove that makes us a reliable on-demand delivery partner.


Real-time GPS Tracking

This feature is practically universal now, which is why it's an added bonus for you to feel safe and secure with every delivery! After having your packages picked up, you may check the status of your delivery in the app through our real-time GPS tracking. There is also an estimated time of arrival (ETA) which will give you even more peace of mind!

Lalamove Track Delivery Driver

To access it, simply go to the Orders menu, and select the order you want to check, and voila! You'll be able to track where our Partner Driver is in their journey to deliver your item.


Direct contact to Customer Service via app

If you encounter any issues, it's easy to contact our support team via app! Simply open the order you need help with and tap "Help," follow the instructions and someone from our team will be with you shortly. Also, to make it easier for you to contact our Partner Driver, you can call them with a touch of a button by just tapping “Call Driver” from your order and you will instantly be connected to them. Convenient, right?

Lalamove Contact Driver


4-Wheel Vehicle Options for Fragile Items

Did you know that Lalamove also has 4-wheel delivery options? Yes, you read that right! Lalamove can help you deliver your big and fragile items with our MPV or Light Truck delivery! What's even better is that Lalamove has the cheapest on-demand delivery for big items in Metro Manila. With this, you may have peace of mind knowing your important and valuable parcel is in good hands, and that each delivery won't burn a hole in your pocket!

Lalamove insurance for big and small parcel

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