Lalamove Rewards Hits One Million Members

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Lalamove, the nation's premier on-demand delivery platform, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone: 1 MILLION MEMBERS in its Rewards Program. To celebrate this achievement and the program's second anniversary, the company is launching a 2 MILLION LalaPoints Giveaway, reaffirming its commitment to making every delivery a rewarding experience for its loyal users.


“As our heartfelt ‘thank you’ to our users for their continued trust in our services. With this loyalty program, we aim to assure our users that every delivery is not only a transaction but comes with rewarding moments”

- Djon Nacario, Managing Director of Lalamove Philippines


You might be thinking to yourself, “I have been a frequent customer with Lalamove is there something I can get after a certain number of orders?” The answer is YES. That is why we have launched Lalamove Rewards!

To participate in the 2 Million LalaPoints giveaway, customers simply need to become a Lalamove Rewards member, register through the app, and book a delivery between April 25 and May 8, 2024.








If you are not on Lalamove Rewards, then you are still missing out on the perks on every delivery booking you've made. Joining is easy and free, here’s how:

1. Open the Lalamove app and log in.
2. Tap on the “Menu” icon and select “Rewards.”
3. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
4. Click “Join Now” to create an account and receive 250 welcome points immediately.
5. Complete your first order as a member to earn an additional 200 bonus points.
6. You get 1 LalaPoints for every P10 worth of transactions*



Joining the Lalamove Rewards program allows Lalamove app users to collect LalaPoints, which they can swap for a variety of rewards, such as:

👉 E-GIFT CODE WITH A DISCOUNT: from select merchants that they can enjoy for dining, lifestyle, entertainment or retail shopping, and

👉 DELIVERY SAVINGS: by redeeming discount vouchers for Lalamove deliveries. 


“It’s been a delighter to me for my sideline business,” said Mark S., a Lalamove Rewards member and owner of an online toy collectible store in Manila. “The points I earn on daily deliveries I’m able to exchange them for future delivery savings, and that’s rewarding.” 




As the Rewards Program gained new members, especially MSMEs who saw the practicality and added value of getting rewarded in their day-to-day business hustle, Lalamove Rewards Program has reached a milestone of 1 Million Rewards Members.

Lalamove reaching 1 million members for Lalamove Rewards marks a significant milestone for the company. It signifies not only the scale of the user base but also the success of the loyalty program in engaging and retaining customers.

Achieving such a substantial number of members demonstrates the value that users see in Lalamove's services and the rewards offered.

It's a testament to Lalamove's commitment to providing exceptional delivery services while also building strong relationships with customers.

This achievement reflects the trust and satisfaction of a vast community of users who have embraced Lalamove as their preferred delivery platform.


In conclusion, Lalamove Rewards offers a myriad of benefits for both individuals and businesses alike!

Whether you're a frequent sender or an occasional user, every delivery with Lalamove is an opportunity to earn points that can be redeemed for valuable rewards.

As Mark S. from Manila shared, the program has been a delight for his sideline business, allowing him to save on future deliveries while enjoying the convenience of Lalamove's services.

So why miss out on these perks? Join Lalamove Rewards today and maximize every delivery to make your experience even more rewarding!




Want to join Lalamove Rewards?




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