1000kg Truck Service from Lucena to Manila this 2024

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In need of a reliable truck service in Lucena?

Known for its bustling coconut industry and diverse marketplace, Lucena City is a thriving hub for manufacturing, retail, and services.

As the "Gateway to the South", it connects Metro Manila to southern Luzon provinces and serves as the capital of Quezon Province bordered by Pagbilao, Tayabas, and Sariaya.

With these thriving areas, you can now explore new business horizons with our 1000kg truck tailored to meet your MSME needs! — delivering within the city and even Lucena to Manila


1000kg _ L300

SUITABLE FOR Multiple boxes or pile of stocks




   Manila, NCR & South Luzon
   ₱280 + ₱20/km

   North and Central Luzon
   ₱270 + ₱19/km

   Cebu islandwide
   ₱270 + ₱19/km



SIZE LIMIT (L x W x H) 7 x 4 x 4




In Lucena City, the bustling public market known as "Bayan" offers a diverse array of products. Whether you're delivering to businesses or consumers (B2B or B2C), you can maximize a 1000kg truck delivery for rent to get the job done efficiently:



Business owners in Lucena can maximize Lalamove's same-day truck service by booking immediate or scheduled deliveries within the day. This ensures prompt order fulfillment, boosting your reputation for reliability and responsiveness! Here's an easy step-by-step guide on How to Book a Same Day Delivery with Lalamove.

How our 1000kg same day delivery truck can help your biz:

👉 RAPID RESPONSE TO URGENT ORDERS: Utilizing Lalamove's 1000kg truck for same-day delivery enables businesses to swiftly respond to urgent orders, meeting tight deadlines and satisfying customer demands for quick delivery from Lucena to Manila.

👉 COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Unlike longer delivery times of 3-5 days for some businesses in Lucena, it's leverage for your business to deliver within the same day! Especially for perishable or time-sensitive products.

👉 EFFICIENT INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: Maintain leaner inventory levels since you can replenish supplies quickly as needed, reducing the risk of overstocking or stockouts and improving overall inventory management efficiency in Lucena.





This is most of our corporate clients' favorite service! Businesses in Lucena can benefit from Lalamove's multi-stop delivery feature, allowing them to consolidate multiple deliveries (up to 20 stops including your pick-up point) in a single trip, saving time, and reducing transportation costs.

See how you can Save Money, Deliver More with Multi-Stop here. Just click the "Add Stop" button upon putting your drop-offs and you're good to go! Our 1000kg FB/Van has ample space inside, capable of carrying multiple boxes with ease!


How our 1000kg Multi-stop Delivery truck can help your biz:

👉 COST-EFFICIENCY: our 1000kg truck optimizes route planning, reducing fuel and labor costs associated with individual trips, thus enhancing overall delivery cost efficiency for business delivering from Lucena to Manila.

👉 TIME-SAVER: Consolidating multiple deliveries into one trip saves time for both drivers and businesses, allowing more efficient use of resources & faster order fulfillment, which can lead to improved customer satisfaction.

👉 INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Our Multistop delivery maximizes truck capacity, increasing delivery volume and operational efficiency for businesses from Lucena to Manila.




If your business serves customers from Lucena to Manila, Lalamove's Long Distance Delivery is the ideal choice, especially if you're still relying on traditional logistics.

With longer reach, our Serviceable Areas in Luzon covers various cities and provinces! This streamlines logistics and fuels business growth by reaching a broader customer base within Luzon.


How our 1000kg Long Distance Delivery truck can help your biz:

👉 LONGER REACH: A 1000kg truck delivery for rent expands business reach from Lucena to Manila, enabling access to a larger customer base and potential growth opportunities beyond local boundaries.

👉 COST SAVINGS: This will help your businesses save on transportation costs compared to traditional shipping methods, contributing to overall cost efficiency and profitability. 

👉 RELIABILITY & SECURITY: With our 1000kg truck's real-time tracking features, your business can ensure the safe and timely delivery of goods over long distances, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction while minimizing the risk of delays or losses from Lucena to Manila.



Lalamove Rates for additional services here! You may try these for a hassle-free 1000kg truck delivery: 

• DOOR-TO-DOOR: This service allows you to request extra helpers for carrying heavy or bulky items. If your business is low on manpower for logistics, adding extra helpers along with the designated Partner Driver will surely speed up the loading & unloading process! See 

• DOCUMENT HANDLING: This is a service where our Partner Drivers can process and take care of important paperwork in your behalf. May it be authorized contracts, physical receipts, and other essential documents, they will all be safely delivered to their destinations.


Better to sign up as a corporate client and partner with a trusted delivery courier! You may check out our API Solutions and 3PL Service to further grow your business with us.



Deliver multiple boxes and piles of stock with our 1000kg truck delivery for rent! Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, you can trust our efficient truck service to handle your deliveries from Lucena to Manila with care and reliability.



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