Affordable 1000kg Truck Service this Holy Week

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Looking for an affordable same-day delivery service this holy week?

Whether you're gearing up for some quiet reflection or prepping for bustling religious activities, Holy Week is a time of profound reflection and spiritual significance for many Filipinos. As preparations intensify for this sacred period, the need for reliable transportation of religious items becomes increasingly crucial.

We understand the importance of ensuring your religious items arrive safely, especially during this meaningful time. That's why we're thrilled to offer our affordable 1000kg truck delivery for rent. Let us handle the logistics while you focus on what matters most!




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Here are common items that can perfectly fit our 1000kg truck:



Bulk Candles

Candles hold deep symbolism in Catholic rituals, particularly during Holy Thursday and Good Friday services.

From simple votive candles to large ceremonial ones, the demand for bulk candles surges as churches and individuals prepare for these solemn occasions.

With Lalamove's spacious 1000kg truck, transporting large quantities of candles becomes hassle-free, ensuring they arrive intact and ready for worship. See our wide Serviceable Areas here!



Palaspas (Palm Fronds)

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, commemorating Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

Palaspas, or palm fronds, are blessed during Palm Sunday Mass and are distributed to parishioners. These symbolic branches are integral to Holy Week observances, making their timely delivery a priority.

Lalamove's reliable truck service ensures that every Palaspas delivery will be transported with care, preserving their integrity for use in Palm Sunday ceremonies. Book our 1000kg truck for just ₱280. For long-distance deliveries, prices start at ₱1,160 for the first 40 kilometers.— depending on our city prices, see Lalamove Rates here!



Relics, Statues, Cross, and Other Religious Artifacts

Throughout Holy Week, churches and households display relics, statues, and other religious artifacts depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ.

These sacred items play a vital role in worship and reflection, requiring careful handling and transport.

Rent our 1000kg truck for deliveries with size limits of 7 x 4 x 4 ft and a weight limit of 1000kg. Lalamove ensures secure transportation, guaranteeing your items arrive safely. See more details about our 4 Wheeler Truck Services across Luzon and in Cebu now!




Here's 20% off on 2 truck deliveries (max. PHP 250 OFF) nationwide! Just use the promo code: LALAHAUL.




Trust Lalamove for affordable, efficient, and reliable truck services this Holy Week. With same-day truck delivery, your religious items are handled with care, leaving you free to focus on the season's significance. Book now for peace of mind!




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