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Aguirre Office Furniture's Rapid Business Growth with Lalamove

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Curious about the ins and outs of Aguirre Office Furniture's turbocharged growth, fueled by the magic of Lalamove's truck service?

Wonder no more – we've got the scoop on the whys and hows of their business expansion!

Stepping into the world of Aguirre Office Furniture, style meets efficiency and every piece tells a tale of success. They don't just furnish spaces; they redefine them. So here's their story. 





"'Wag matakot mag-experiment! Humanap ng pagkakakitaan. 'Wag din matakot pumili ng partner. Maging risk-taker ka sa lahat ng bagay. Sa partner na worth ang risk, gaya ng Lalamove."
- Maricar Aguirre, Chief Executive Officer of Aguirre Office Furniture




It was 2019 when Maricar Aguirre (CEO), Joanna Marie Blanco (COO), Ken Brian Orcena (CFO), Ma. Cristina May Blanco (Corporate Secretary), and Rafael Antonio Blanco (CTO), the co-owners, embarked on their business journey, initially operating out of a garage space in their apartment, resembling more of a backyard sale setup.

What began as a backyard warehouse evolved into a vision: to transform into a recognized and established furniture shop.

Already using a Lalamove motorcycle, they started selling apparel 'til they figured they wanted to explore larger items that would be of great use to a household cabinets and other furniture items.

They would meet quarterly to discuss new items to release and see if they can deliver different kinds of bulky products.

During that period, their furniture delivery operations were limited to a single van.

"Siyempre with Lalamove in mind, nakakatulong siya 'pag nag-iisip kami ng kung anong pwede at kayang ipadalang items. Kasi kung kami-kami lang, limited lang kayang ipadala ng isang van," revealed Maricar Aguirre, the CEO, reiterating that Lalamove's versatile vehicle fleet helps a lot with their decision-making by accommodating orders of all sizes.

Fueled by their thriving revenue, they made the strategic decision to scale up their operations.



Do you want to scale up your business?







When asked about the primary challenges they faced in scaling up their business, logistics emerged as a significant hurdle for the business owners.

Timeliness was so crucial that cancellations were more likely to occur if customers did not receive their orders on their target delivery date. Observing that many competitors managed deliveries within 2 to 3 days, Aguirre Office Furniture could only cater to three to seven days delivery.

With only one in-house van, they also had to manage driver logistics, vehicle upkeep, and expenses, but the setup proved non-scalable. The goal was clear: to maintain the momentum and satisfaction of their customer base.



By strategically teaming up with Lalamove for Business, they harnessed the turbo boosters of rapid business expansion. According to Aguirre Office Furniture, here are the solutions to their major challenges & the Lalamove blueprint behind their accelerated success via Lalamove's truck service:


Same Day Delivery


"Dahil sa tulong ng Lalamove, nakapag-offer na rin kami ng same-day and next-day delivery (scheduled). 'Yun na ang naging edge namin sa ibang competitors. Naging leverage na namin 'yun at dun na rin kami talaga nakilala," Maricar Aguirre explained.

Their strategic collaboration with Lalamove has transformed their delivery service experience for customers, slashing the historically 3-7 day wait for furniture delivery to an unparalleled SAME DAY DELIVERY.

Surpassing competitors' 2 to 3 days, this newfound efficiency has been a cornerstone of their commitment to customer satisfaction, making them a reliable choice.

The swift transition to having Lalamove's same-day delivery service has positioned them as convenient, garnering acclaim, and increasing orders than never before.



"Kumbaga, 'yung percentage ng Sales and Marketing namin, nasa 90% talaga 'yung tinaas dahil sa Lalamove."
- Maricar Aguirre, CEO of Aguirre Office Furniture




Wide Range of Vehicles


Because our wide range of fleet is already available nationwide across Luzon and in Cebu, whenever they get orders, they can easily cater it wherever it needs to be shipped.

They highlighted that the availability of various vehicles is what hooked them, especially the fact that Lalamove is more affordable than its competitors along with navigating its user-friendly app for corp clients. Lalamove Rates

"Dati, ang nade-deliver lang namin is 1-2 cabinets per day. Ngayon with Lalamove, 50-60 cabinets na per day. Halos gamit namin lahat ng fleet niyo, especially trucks kasi may mga items kami na perfect fit to different kinds of vehicles na ino-offer niyo based sa size," explained Ken Brian Arocena, Aguirre Office Furniture's Chief Financial Officer.



"Dati ang nade-deliver lang namin is 1-2 cabinets per day. Ngayon, with Lalamove, 50-60 cabinets na per day."
- Ken Brian Arocena, CFO of Aguirre Office Furniture



When asked what's their most used vehicle, Ken shared, "1000kg & 2000kg. Halos nagamit namin lahat ng fleet niyo. Kasi may mga items kami na perfect fit sa different kinds of vehicle options na ino-offer niyo based sa appropriate size. 'Pag parts lang, gagamitin namin motor. 'Pag assembled, yung 1000kg. 'Pag marami, 2000kg. Actually, lahat ng truck vehicles! For example, sa 12000kg wing van, 50-60 disassembled kasya. Nagkaroon talaga ng increase of volume."

Emphasizing Lalamove's Truck Service, the variations of our heavy-duty vehicles have been a big help with their business, especially for delivering long haul.


Expanded Serviceable Areas Nationwide


Amid Ken's satisfaction with the robust revenue from their current business area, Maricar passionately advocated for expansion to him and their fellow co-owners as they recognized Lalamove's extensive serviceable areas as their logistics partner, instilling confidence in the decision to take the bold step towards expansion.

Now, Aguirre Office Furniture caters to Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Pangasinan, Tarlac, Batangas, Quezon Province, and just recently, Cebu. "We're looking to further expand the business through remote satellite offices so in that way, mas maraming makaka-purchase in provinces. Like Tarlac, tutal meron naman na ding Lalamove sa Tarlac, we're confident because of the wide serviceable areas they cater," Arocen stated.

He added, "Bihira lang 'yung furniture store na nag-ooffer ng COD (cash on delivery) kasi nga malaki 'yung amount na kailangang bayaran. So dahil available ang Cash on Delivery sa Lalamove anywhere, mas nakakatulong siya sa business namin. Lalamove helps us to expand nationwide at 'yun 'yung tinitignan ng company for growth."




Reaching Both New Customers & Businesses


They explained that there are already companies who order 100 cabinets a day. "So hindi talaga namin magagawa 'yun without Lalamove dahil ang van namin isa lang. Ang capacity  lang ng van namin ay 10-15 cabinets. 'Yung sa inyo kasi, magbu-book lang kami ng lima o sampung van or truck tapos made-deliver pa within the day," Maricar noted.



"Before, ang naca-cater talaga namin ay consumers lang. Ngayon with Lalamove, nakakapag-cater na rin kami to businesses."
- Maricar Aguirre, CEO of Aguirre Office Furniture



Having Lalamove as a logistics edge, they no longer just tend to consumers, but also business owners who always avail bulk delivery to carry the heavy-loaded products for their business needs. See How to Reach New Customers with Lalamove's 3PL Delivery Services for more. Email them at or on Facebook!



Account Managers & Corporate Account Perks


Given that they have less than ten people for business operations, having a designated Account Manager gave them a hassle-free experience. "Dahil sa exclusivity & perks namin as a registered corporate account, mas naging beneficial siya sa'min in terms of easier transactions, especially with an Account Manager," Ken said. 

Their confidence in every delivery stems from their reliable Account Manager Mikee Ramirez, whom they have to thank for their swift operations management.

Lalamove's third-party logistics service (3PL) is ready to help businesses across Luzon and in Cebu. Monthly Corporate Rebates starting at ₱425. There's also API Integration services for seamless order placements!





They also have an early Christmas promo now! Email them at or check it out on their Facebook page. 




Just like Aguirre Office Furniture, you can also expand your business rapidly with Lalamove! Our services cater to a #LongerReach via Long Haul Delivery. Partnering with us will ease the daily hassle of operations and transactions with an Account Manager and Corp Client Perks! 

As the festive season approaches, the demand for swift and secure logistics solutions intensifies. Lalamove's extensive fleet and nationwide coverage ensure prompt and seamless deliveries, allowing businesses to meet heightened customer expectations during this crucial period.

Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of Lalamove's truck services compared to traditional logistics options contributes to improved profit margins for corporate partners.

The user-friendly interface and real-time tracking features further enhance the overall experience, ensuring businesses can navigate the holiday rush with ease and provide exceptional service to their customers.

Wondering How to Sign Up for a Lalamove Business Account? By aligning with Lalamove as a corporate client, businesses can leverage a trusted logistics ally to streamline operations, meet demand efficiently, and thrive during the bustling holiday season via truck service.

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