Cabanatuan to Manila: 1000kg Truck Service for Your Business

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Looking for a reliable and convenient truck service in Cabanatuan?

Cabanatuan City, located in Nueva Ejica, is connected to nearby provinces such as Tarlac, Aurora, and Bulacan through the Cagayan Valley Road. Being a major economic hub in the north, the city houses numerous warehouses, is known for its agricultural livelihood, and is considered a major shopping hub in its area. 

As it is experiencing urbanization growth, now is the best time to take the opportunity to take your businesses to further distances with Lalamove’s 1,000kg truck services, which delivers within the city and also from Cabanatuan to Manila.


1000kg _ L300

SUITABLE FOR Multiple boxes or piles of stocks




   Manila, NCR & South Luzon
   ₱280 + ₱20/km

   North and Central Luzon
   ₱270 + ₱19/km

   Cebu islandwide
   ₱270 + ₱19/km



SIZE LIMIT (L x W x H) 7 x 4 x 4





Maximize Business Opportunities with Lalamove

Curious about expanding your customer base? Find out How to Reach New Customers with Lalamove's 3PL Delivery Services here. If you are a current business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur in need of 3PL logistics for your day-to-day business operations, Lalamove has a variety of trucks to cater to your needs!


Easy Access to Warehouses

Whether you are working for an established business or an aspiring entrepreneur, it is important to be in contact with reliable suppliers that offer high-quality goods. Cabanatuan City contains all kinds of warehouses to source your business needs. 

Now, you may be struggling to find a truck delivery for rent to regularly transport items in bulk for you daily – Lalamove has just the solution for you!

By booking same-day delivery for our 1,000kg trucks, you can have these items delivered from the warehouses straight to your businesses without needing to travel. Here are bulky and boxed supplies you may deliver:

MULTIPLE BOXES: Easily deliver 2 or more boxes from your suppliers as they can fit in our 1,000kg trucks.

👉 EQUIPMENT: Small equipment like printers and monitors that you'll be needing for your everyday business activities will be transported safely to your office.

👉 DELICATE OFFICE FURNISHINGS: It also won’t be a big deal to move fragile items such as signages, lights, and mirrors since our Partner Drivers will handle them it care.


Spend more time focusing on your tasks and let Lalamove handle your deliveries for you! You may also consider signing up as a corporate client to partner with us for your 3PL logistics needs and take your business to new horizons. Check out Aguirre Office Furniture's Rapid Business Growth with Lalamove to see how reliable our trucks are!



Deliver Agricultural Products to More Locations

Cabanatuan City is known for its agricultural produce, such as rice, corn, and mangoes, to name a few. Of course, farmers aspire to grow their income by selling their harvest to consumers across Luzon. On the other hand, consumers would also want to have the freshest produce available.

With this, our long haul delivery for farm produce is just what you need, may it be for B2B or B2C purposes. See our Serviceable Areas here! Learn more about the products our 1,000kg truck usually transports:


👉 STOCKPILE OF PRODUCE: With 3PL logistics services like Lalamove, your struggles in transporting stockpiles of produce will be lessened given the volume of agricultural items that our 1,000kg truck can handle.

👉 PERISHABLE GOODS: Worry less on moving delicate produce such as tomatoes, bananas, and leafy greens, as our truck services are trained to handle delicate items with care.

👉 PREMIUM PRODUCE: It’s important to avoid stocking up your produce to ensure that your consumers have the freshest fruits and vegetables as soon as possible by delivering these in bulk on the same day!


Let’s support the livelihood of the farmers in Cabanatuan by providing them with Lalamove’s reliable truck delivery for rent so that their major produce can be appreciated and indulged by Filipinos across Luzon.  See Why Last-mile delivery is vital to farm-to-table businesses here.



Shopping Hub Assistance

As Cabanatuan is known as a major shopping hub in its area, you may be considering setting up physical stores for your businesses in major shopping malls. This would entail transporting your products to these stores or even directly delivering them to customers. We know that acquiring 3PL logistics can be a tedious task to carry on, especially when you have deliveries scheduled every day. 

Worry not as you can rely on our 1,000kg truck delivery for rent to simplify your everyday business deliveries! Here are some examples of how Lalamove can do the heavy lifting for you:

👉 Our same-day delivery ensures customers receive products promptly upon purchase.

👉  Simplify deliveries with our 1,000kg trucks for moving multiple boxes from your office or factory to your stores.

👉  Our trucks are equipped to handle bulky shipments like furniture or larger products, delivering them to your chosen locations.


Take advantage of Cabanatuan being an advanced shopping area in its region and be present for your customers. Consider Lalamove to help you out as you undertake this new endeavor to keep your business booming!  See the most reliable 4 Wheeler Truck Services across Luzon here.




To make delivering with our 1,000kg trucks even more convenient for you, make use of our Multi-stop Delivery! It Conveniently manages multiple deliveries under one booking with this service to save on time and expenses, allowing you to focus on your work.

You can even go for Long Distance Delivery with our truck vehicle! Reach farther distances with our truck services so you can transport your items from Cabanatuan to Manila and to more serviceable areas across Luzon.

Or maybe maximize an additional service like Door-to-Door. Truck deliveries mean bigger items to handle, you can add extra helpers for the heavy lifting along with the Partner Drivers to move these deliveries for you. See how affordable this service is via Lalamove Rates!




Having a reliable truck service is essential for any business, may it be big or small. With Lalamove’s 1,000kg trucks, you can transport materials in bulk, fresh farm produce, and small furniture and appliances from Cabanatuan to Manila with the convenience you desire. 



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