How much can you earn as a Lalamove Driver?

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Searching for a fast-earning job that fits perfectly into your freelance schedule or just want to accomplish something fulfilling during your free time? Time to lalamove it!

Embark on a transformative path to financial empowerment by becoming a part-time or full-time driver with Lalamove. This quick guide is your roadmap to unlocking the potential of flexible daily earning opportunities tailored to your schedule.

Unlock Your Earning Potential


At Lalamove, your time is your own. Start earning within just 2 hours, seizing the opportunity to earn more through a dynamic system of incentives and missions. The freedom to decide when to start and end work ensures that you can align your driving activities with your lifestyle. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, Lalamove offers delivery jobs islandwide, 24/7 on-demand!


Lucrative Earnings

Lalamove is not just a platform; it's a commitment to rewarding your dedication. How much earnings you’ll get is primarily determined by:

1. Distance travelled islandwide
2. Type of vehicle used
3. Providing additional services such as moving service (only for van or lorry)
4. Festive & scheduled surcharges

Motorcycle drivers have the potential to earn an impressive monthly income of up to $3,000, while car drivers can achieve up to $5,000 monthly. Your earnings grow in direct proportion to the number of deliveries you undertake, even as a walker or a heavy vehicle operator. 

For example, a full time car driver partner that spends an average of 8 hours daily completing 16 orders (about 2 orders an hour) adds up to 112 orders a week or $1799 a week after Lalamve takes 16% commission, which is the lowest rate out there.

Here’s a detailed guide on how much you can earn on the average daily with our different vehicle types: 

Average Earnings


Enjoy Attractive Surcharges

Our Lalamove driver partners can take advantage of our location, festive and scheduled surcharges to even more, on top of their primary earnings! Essentially, these surcharges are applied to ensure that the supply of our Lalamove driver partners meet the increased demand of logistics solutions.This not only incentivises more of our drivers to be available during peak times but also allows us to maintain commitment to timely deliveries. For instance, this festive season, these are the surcharges that you’ll be entitled to from 15 December to 31 December 2023:  

Dec Surcharge


Driver Joining Bonus 

We also have a monthly initiative for all new drivers and existing drivers too! All it takes is just to complete 1 order and you can enjoy up to $120 joining incentives when you join as a Lalamove driver partner! Best part? Existing driver partners that refer new drivers will also get a referral reward from up to $180! Visit our driver referral page or have a look here: 





Be Your Own Boss

Experience the empowerment that comes with being your own boss. With the liberty to choose orders and deliveries that suit any schedule no matter how tight, you enjoy total flexibility in deciding when, what and where to deliver. Lalamove ensures that you have the autonomy to shape your earning journey according to your personal preferences.


All Experience Levels Welcome

At Lalamove, we celebrate diversity. Whether you're a seasoned road warrior or a newcomer behind the wheel, our on-demand 24/7 hour platform welcomes and supports drivers of all experience levels. Join a community where everyone is encouraged to thrive and make each delivery of your driving career exceptional.


Exclusive Benefits

Our drivers are not just a part of a platform; they are partners in success. Dive into a world of exclusive incentives that await you as a valued member of our driver community.

Fuel Discounts: Enjoy exclusive savings at renowned fuel stations such as Caltex, Esso, Shell, and Sinopec islandwide. Save up to 25% off on your refuels and top-ups daily so that you can use your earnings on things that matter most to you.

Mission Bonus: Elevate your earnings with additional incentives for successfully completing orders daily and weekly. We’re talking earning up to an additional $50 per week for just doing your daily deliveries!

Servicing and Maintenance Discounts: While vehicle upkeep is crucial for safety and longevity, the associated costs can sometimes be a concern. Save on vehicle maintenance and servicing costs under $100 with attractive discounts at partner locations like Stamford Tyres, SPC's A SpeedyCare, and more. By planning ahead, you not only ensure a timely service but also enjoy cost savings, making it a win-win situation for both you and your vehicle.

Insurance: Stay protected with specialized insurance plans from CHUBB and Income Insurance, designed to meet the unique needs of Lalamove drivers from any age group. SNACK by Income for example, operates on a unique principle where policyholders enhance their coverage by engaging in various activities, aligning seamlessly with the dynamic role of a Lalamove driver. Essentially, the more deliveries completed, the greater the accumulation of insurance protection across diverse areas—Critical Illness (up to $200,000), Term Life (up to $200,000), or Personal Accident (up to $100,000).

Vehicle Rental: Benefit from significant savings on vehicle rentals as a valued Lalamove driver partner. Pick from a variety of vehicles for your every need from Tribecar, Comfort Delgro, Aloride & Drivelah. 


Juliana, a 33-year-old who has been on a remarkable journey as a delivery driver with Lalamove for the past 2 years uses a rental vehicle. She typically seeks out the nearest deliveries and assesses rates after deducting Lalamove's commission. For longer-distance deliveries beyond a 10km radius, she takes on those jobs if the rates are favorable. Occasionally, she benefits from customers' extra tips, particularly when they appreciate her service.

Vehicle Sticker: Boost your visibility and earnings by proudly displaying the Lalamove sticker on your vehicle, showcasing your commitment to excellence. Having the Lalamove sticker on your vehicle ensures that you enjoy up to 89% returns on your daily income as well as a higher chance of winning orders compared to other sticker-less delivery partners. 



Isyam, our delivery partner for the past 5 years  loves to be on our Van team because he gets an additional $25 on top of his earnings for just pasting our Lalamove sticker.

Other exclusive benefits you can enjoy include attractive mobile phone plan discounts from M1 and Circles.Life as well as further discounts should you decide to purchase your own delivery vehicle from Glamour Automotive Our driver partners also enjoy.a discounted rate of $13 (U.P. $20) for GP consultation on telemedicine app, Doctor Anywhere.

Your journey towards financial freedom begins with Lalamove. Join our driver community today by entering your mobile number, and experience firsthand the rewarding perks of being a Lalamove driver partner. 

All you need to get started is to be a Singapore citizen or permanent resident above 18 years of age who holds a valid driver's license allowing you to drive in Singapore. Don’t forget that you’ll also require a smartphone as well as your own vehicle to start doing deliveries.

Take charge of your financial destiny and drive your success with Lalamove now!

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