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    Special CMCO Announcement in KL, Selangor And Putrajaya:

    We are still accepting applications to join us as Lalamove delivery partners.

    You can only join our Virtual Training from 14 October 2020 until 31 March 2021 to qualify as our delivery partner. You will receive a link to launch the Virtual Training after you have selected Virtual Training in the Lalamove Driver app.

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    Why drive with Lalamove?

    Becoming a driver partner with Lalamove offers you the freedom to work and generate income according to your schedule.

    Earn money

    The more you deliver, the greater your income.

    Drive in your own time

    Take orders that are convenient for you.

    PSV license not required

    Drive with your driving licence only

    Virtual training

    Become a verified Lalamove driver partner by completing our training modules in the comforts of your home.

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    Hear What Our Lalamove Driver Partners Have To Say

    Delivering with Lalamove has given me a means to supplement my kids' savings. I'm also aiming to buy a property in the near future, and my income with Lalamove is helping me to reach closer to this goal.

    - Shahizan Samad

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    FAQs - Driver Account

    How to reset my password?

    To reset your password, go to "Settings" and click "Logout". At the login page, click "Forgot Password". After you've confirmed your phone number, you'll receive a 4-digit pin via SMS. Use this pin number to update your password.

    How do I upload documents on my profile?

    If your account isn’t verified/activated, click on “Finish Registration” and fill in the required details and attach the compulsory documents. Make sure the details in the documents are visible. Please ensure that your license is still active. Your profile picture must be free of eyewear, facemasks, caps, hats or any accessories. The number plate of your vehicle must be visible when you upload the picture of your vehicle.

    What type of license(s) do I need to be a Lalamove driver?

    For motorcycles, cars and 4x4, the minimum requirement is the P driving license. For vans and lorries, you need to have a GDL license on top of your driving license. We won’t accept drivers with an L license or an expired license.

    How do I update the details of my vehicle?

    To update your vehicle’s details, please fill in this form and attach a picture of your vehicle’s front or rearview. We'll take two working days to update these details in your profile.

    How do I update my bank information?

    Go to the “My Wallet” tab and then click on the “Bank Info” in the Lalamove Driver App. You may update your bank information there.

    How do I update my mobile number?

    You can reach out to Driver Ops via call or Whatsapp at 017-8009510. You can also visit us at Lalamove Driver Centre @ The Earth, Bukit Jalil to update your mobile number.

    How do I join the driver training?

    If you haven’t scheduled the training, click “Schedule Now” in the Lalamove Driver App and select between Bukit Jalil (live training) or Online (virtual training). If you prefer live training, you have to pick a date and time to attend the training.

    If you select Virtual Training, you’ll receive an SMS with the link to launch the online training at your convenience.

    What should I do if I didn't get the automated SMS for the Virtual Training?

    Please click here to join the Malay version of the Virtual Training or click here for the English version.

    How do I deactivate my Lalamove driver account?

    We’ll be sad to see you go. But if you’ve decided to close your driver account, please fill in this form and click “Submit”.

    FAQs - Orders

    How are the prices determined?

    Prices are determined via the distance from pickup point to drop off point and via the vehicle type. For more information, you can check the “Rates” tab in the Driver app. 

    Can I accept multiple orders?

    You can’t accept back-to-back on demand jobs but you can accept multiple scheduled jobs. Please ensure that your scheduled jobs are not clashing with one another.

    What information is visible to me?

    Once you’ve accepted the order, you’ll be able to see the customer’s delivery address and contact number.

    How do I contact the customer?

    When you press the “Take Order” button, the order will be assigned to you. You can see the name and contact number of the customer in the order details. Furthermore, there’s a “Call Now” button. It will direct you to the dialler and will automatically call the client.

    How do I cancel my order?

    You’re only allowed to cancel the job with a valid reason. If your reason is not acceptable, we’ll suspend your account for two days. To cancel an order, you must contact our Customer Service team with our “Live Chat” function.

    What do I do if the item is not ready for collection?

    You must contact our Customer Service team with our “Live Chat” function.

    What should I do if the recipient is not ready to receive the delivery?

    You must contact our Customer Service team with our “Live Chat” function.

    Why am I unable to receive orders?

    Try uninstalling and reinstalling the application. Then login into your account as you normally would. If the issue still persists, please contact our Driver Operations team.

    How do I check my history of jobs?

    Click on ”Records” and filter the status of the jobs that you’re looking for; i.e. Ongoing, Picked-Up, Completed or Cancelled.

    FAQs - Lalamove Wallet

    How do I top-up my Lalamove wallet?

    Click on “My Wallet” and “Top-Up”. Pick a top-up amount and choose “Online Bank Transfer”. Once you’ve filled in your email address and full name, click “Top-Up Now”. You’ll be redirected to the payment portal after a few seconds.

    Choose your preferred bank and fill in your name, phone number, email address and click “Complete Payment”. Complete the payment via online banking.

    How do I withdraw money from my Lalamove wallet?

    Click on “My Wallet” and “Bank Info”. Fill in your bank account number, full name and bank name and click “Save”. A message will prompt you to fill in your Lalamove password, NOT your bank password. Click “Confirm”. 

    Once you’ve saved your bank details, click on “My Wallet” and “Cash-Out”. Enter your withdrawal amount and click “Confirm”. The money will be transferred to your bank account accordingly.

    How long does it take before I can receive the money in my bank account?

    If you click “Cash-Out” from Monday to Wednesday, the money will reflect in your bank account on Thursday night/Friday morning. If you click “Cash-Out” from Thursday to Sunday, the money will reflect in your bank account on Monday night/Tuesday morning. On average, the process will take three working days.

    FAQs - Incentives

    Am I eligible for any bonus/incentive if I fulfil the requirements?

    Yes, but our incentive program is reserved for cars and motorbikes ONLY. You may refer here for more details on the incentive program.

    Are there any other incentive programs?

    Yes, we do! We have a sticker program for all vehicles (except for motorbikes). We’ll pay you RM100/month if you stick the Lalamove stickers on your vehicle. This is a passive income since you’re not required to perform any delivery jobs.

    As long as your vehicle has the sticker, we’ll pay you. If you’re interested in our sticker program,  please fill in this form. We’ll contact you to arrange an appointment to install the stickers.

    Will the sticker compromise my vehicle’s paint job?

    Our stickers use paint-friendly adhesive. The chances of your vehicle’s paint job getting damaged is close to zero. In the event where you want to remove the Lalamove sticker, you can do so by bringing your vehicle to our office.

    How do I purchase the Lalabag and Lalajacket?

    You have to visit us at Lalamove Driver Centre, Bukit Jalil to purchase the Lalabag and Lalajacket. We only accept payment via online bank transfer.

    FAQs - Rating

    How do I check my current rating?

    Go to settings and click on “Ratings” to view your average rating. Improve your rating by requesting the customer to reward you with a 5-star rating if the customer is happy with your service.

    How do I become a favourite driver for my customers?

    If the customer likes your service, the customer can favourite you as his/her favourite driver. If a customer has favourited you as his/her favourite rider, you’ll be prioritised for his/her job before any other drivers. If you don’t wish to accept the job, the job will be open to other drivers after 30 seconds.

    How do I rate my customers?

    After the order is completed, go to the “Records” tab. You can rate your customer based on their respective order detail.