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Delivery Guidelines: What Lalamove Cannot Deliver

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This blog has been updated last Feb. 28, 2024


Can Lalamove deliver pets?
How about laptops, air fryers, and other gadgets and appliances?
Do Lalamove riders accept wrapped gifts for delivery? What are their regulations for courier services?

We often get questions about what Lalamove cannot deliver in the Philippines, which is why we're here to answer all your questions about our delivery service





Generally, there are two things Lalamove cannot deliver: breathing or living things, and general prohibited items (illegal or hazardous assets). Here are the clear guidelines on what we cannot deliver for you through our trusted partner drivers. See updated Lalamove Rates here!


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Breathing or Living Things

As an on-demand delivery app, we dedicate ourselves to making it easy to deliver items, that excludes living things. So the answer to the question "Can a person ride a Lalamove vehicle?" is a no. Lalamove cannot deliver pets and other living creatures.


Illegal Drugs

It goes without saying that illegal drugs have no place in any delivery service, including Lalamove. Our courier partners are committed to serving those who respect the boundaries between legal and illegal items. This prohibition extends to alcohol during times of alcohol bans as well.


Prohibited Items

Moreover, for the safety of our partner drivers, we decline to deliver unsecured sharp objects, firearms, and unsealed chemicals that could potentially stab, shoot, or burn the partner driver while en route to the drop-off point. High-valued Jewelry with value beyond Php 2,000 Jewelry, while not exactly illegal, also cannot be delivered via Lalamove



This guideline applies to all vehicles within our fleet, spanning from motorcycles to MPVs and delivery trucks. Our team and trusted Partner Drivers adhere strictly to this policy, and we kindly request our customers to do the same.

If the item you wish to deliver is not listed among those prohibited, you are welcome to utilize our truck service most especially! Check our Serviceable Areas here.

Apart from these few items, Lalamove can deliver anything under the sun. Enjoy available 2024 Lalamove Promo Codes here to maximize every booking! Go ahead and book a convenient same day delivery service through Lalamove now!




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