Same Day Delivery Truck for Rent from Manila to Baguio

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Need a same day delivery truck for rent from Manila to Baguio?

Welcome to a world where time is our most precious asset, and getting things done swiftly is a top priority.

If you're a business owner juggling tight deadlines or just someone looking for quick transport solutions, you'll understand the urgency that comes with same-day delivery.

That's where Lalamove steps in, offering a wide range of delivery trucks for rent that can conquer the distance from Manila to Baguio in just one day.




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The fleet diversity of Lalamove's truck service provides a tailored solution for every delivery need, ensuring that items transported within Baguio receive the utmost care and efficiency. Let's delve into the specifics of each truck type and the items they are best suited for:



1000 small truck-1

1000kg Small Truck (Multiple Boxes)

Ideal for: Small to medium-sized businesses, retailers, or individuals with a moderate volume of goods.
Applicability: Perfect for transporting multiple boxes, parcels, or a pile of stocks, making it suitable for businesses with regular shipments or individuals moving smaller loads.
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2000 Medium truck-1

2000kg Medium Truck (Sacked Goods)

Ideal for: Businesses dealing with bulk goods or individuals with larger items, such as appliances.
Applicability: Well-suited for transporting sacked goods, bulky items, and even accommodating one refrigerator. This truck is a great choice for businesses dealing with larger quantities of merchandise.
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3000kg Large Truck (Furniture & Lipat Bahay)

Ideal for: Individuals or families undergoing relocation (lipat bahay delivery) or businesses that need furniture delivery.
Applicability: Tailored for transporting furniture and household items during moves. This truck is equipped to handle the unique requirements of relocations, ensuring a smooth transition for families or businesses.
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7000kg Large Truck (Warehouse Distribution)

Ideal for: Large businesses with extensive product distribution needs. 
Applicability: Designed for warehouse distribution, this truck is perfect for businesses dealing with substantial inventory and regular deliveries. It ensures efficient transportation of goods from the warehouse to various locations within Baguio.
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12kg 10w-1

12,000kg Large Truck (Cargo Freight Distribution)

Ideal for: Heavy-duty logistics, cargo freight companies, or businesses with large-scale distribution requirements.
Applicability: Suited for cargo freight distribution on a significant scale, this heavy-duty truck can handle substantial loads. It is perfect for businesses involved in transporting goods in bulk, ensuring a reliable and efficient distribution process.
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In essence, Lalamove's truck service caters to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals from Manila to Baguio.

Whether you're a retailer, moving to a new home, or managing large-scale distribution, Lalamove provides the right vehicle for your specific requirements.

The efficiency and reliability of these delivery trucks for rent make them a valuable asset for anyone seeking seamless transportation solutions within the vibrant city of Baguio.



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