Boosting SMEs: The Crucial Role of On-Demand Delivery Services

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In today's digitally interconnected world, where convenience is just a tap away, there's a surging demand for quicker, smoother, and more efficient delivery solutions across all sectors.

From ride-sharing to the accessibility of telemedicine, the proliferation of on-demand services has revolutionized our interaction with goods and services.


Delivering The Past


In the early stages of rolling out delivery services, most businesses initially lean towards an in-house

model, but this path can be fraught with unexpected obstacles. The necessity for constant adaptation and adjustment may result in frequent reevaluation of processes, where even minor tweaks can cause significant disruptions to the overall business and its operations. For smaller enterprises, striking and sustaining this delicate balance becomes an even more daunting task.

In a recent opinion piece published on The Edge Singapore, Alex Lin, Managing Director, Lalamove Singapore highlighted the critical role of on-demand delivery services in the success of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). 

With SMEs constituting 99% of Singapore's enterprises and contributing to nearly half of its GDP, the ability to balance customer expectations with cost-effective and scalable delivery solutions is paramount, especially during peak times and amidst challenges like supply chain disruptions.

Rather than acquiring and managing new vehicles, Lalamove opts for Customized Delivery Solutions, enabling them to leverage a fleet of vehicles without the added responsibility of fleet management for their teams.

Alex also underscores the growing demand for faster, more seamless delivery services across industries, a trend accelerated by the rise of on-demand services in various sectors.




For AFTERSHOCK PCs, a prominent Singaporean custom PC specialist, Lalamove’s last-mile delivery stands as a pivotal component of their operations. Offering same-day delivery has been a key competitive edge, underscoring the importance of a reliable logistics partner. Amidst the pandemic, they witnessed a notable 30% surge in orders within a single year. Leveraging an effective delivery solution, the company's on-demand delivery order volume has soared by an impressive 62% year-on-year.

A big thank you to The Edge for allowing Alex to share his thoughts on how on-demand delivery can support SMEs in their growth. 

Read the full article on The Edge here.

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