How to Deliver Appliances with Lalamove

If you are buying big and bulky items, chances are logistical nightmares are just around the corner. However, if they’re as fragile as appliances, then the difficulty is doubled. Thankfully, Lalamove's on-demand courier service is here to help you with appliance delivery! Wondering how you could do it? Just follow these simple steps:


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STEP 1: Open the Lalamove app and select the proper 4-wheel vehicle

If you’re delivering big appliances in bulk, we suggest that you book our trucking service that range from 1000 kg to 2000 kg — with this capacity, you can carry just about every kind of appliance your client would need!

For smaller and fewer appliances, we suggest getting any of our MPVs. Check out this pricing and dimensions matrix to know more:


300 kg MPV

Base fare ₱250
+ ₱20/km
Fragile items such as cakes, plants, and vases. Small to medium appliances such as microwave ovens and desktop computers

600 kg MPV

Base fare ₱350
+ ₱25/km
Furniture such as cabinets, bookshelves, and chairs fit perfectly in this vehicle. Items for the office such as tables, swivel chairs and office supplies

1,000 kg Light Truck

Base fare ₱480
+ ₱30/km
Move home items such as couches, beds, refrigerators. Big boxes for the delivery of supplies and other raw materials.

2,000 kg Light Truck

Base fare ₱2,000
+ ₱50/km
Biggest vehicle option, great for moving offices. Bulk items for retail, events, and construction are great, too.

To know more about these, visit the Lalamove pricing page.



STEP 2: Add Driver Carries and Additional Assistant (if necessary)

Those appliances aren’t going to carry themselves so it's important to get some help. Luckily, Lalamove's courier service comes with perfect additional services such as Driver Carries and Additional Assistant to help you when you deliver your appliaces. Lalamove's 4-wheel courier service ensures that each appliance delivery is done with as much ease and convenience for you and your customers, that's why these additional services are available!

Additional Services


STEP 3: Choose between Deliver Now or Schedule for Later

For maximum convenience, you can even choose whether you want your appliance delivered now or later! Lalamove's advance schedule features allow you to book a delivery at least 30 minutes earlier. With this you can ensure that your appliances will be delivered at the perfect time you need it to! This is perfect if you're thinking about having the appliance as a gift delivery for your loved ones.

Deliver Now or Later


STEP 4: Make sure the information is correct

To avoid cases of misdelivered appliances, make sure that the information written is accurate. Also, it would be of great help to the driver to know who to contact upon delivery.

Check Information


Step 5: Book it!

Simply book the order and wait for your 4-wheel delivery vehicle to transport your appliance! Load the items up, and while en route, you can track the delivery via the built-in GPS in our app. Once the delivery is done, don’t forget to send an appreciation message to your driver 😊 It will surely brighten up their day!

Book it!


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