Seamless Transitions: 3000kg Lipat Bahay Truck to Batangas

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Lipat bahay delivery from Manila to Batangas?

During the pandemic, a lot of realization, reflection, and reality has come to life. One of which is that work-from-home is now an option post-pandemic work scenario be it a hybrid or a full-time arrangement. As such, some people went back to their provinces to be near family and loved ones.

The province of Batangas is one of the provinces near Metro Manila, which is just a 2 to 3-hour drive to & from Manila with the help of various express roadways. Here, there is less traffic, a promise of a lower cost of living especially with food, and more access to nature-like beaches that abound and close proximity to the famous Taal Lake.

The cities of Lipa and Batangas are close, just 33km apart! Batangas is the second richest province since 2020, as per the Commission of Audit, and it's also leading the pack in economic growth in CALABARZON as of 2021, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority.

So far, a lot of good enough reasons to think about moving to Batangas especially if you are seeking a different kind of life attracted by the perks of rural & peaceful life yet cannot let go of the urbanized you. Now then, shall we get you moving from Manila to Batangas



SUITABLE FOR Lipat Bahay Delivery




   Manila, NCR & South Luzon
   ₱1,600 + ₱36/km

   North and Central Luzon
   ₱1,500 + ₱25/km

   Cebu islandwide
   ₱1,500 + ₱32/km



SIZE LIMIT (L x W x H) 14 x 6 x 7
TYPE Aluminum




Moving is challenging and it is not just the physical aspect but all the things to consider when transferring your life to a new place.

As a way to help you ease the burden, Lalamove can make it convenient for you in your Lipat Bahay move from Manila to Batangas. Our 3000kg Lipat Bahay Truck Service for Furniture is ready for your big move.


Lipat Bahay Items a 3000kg truck can carry

Wondering what can fit a Lalamove’s 3000kg in one trip? With a size limit of 14 x 6 x 7ft (L x W x H), any item from 3000kg to 5000kg can! But here are some of the usual ones we get to carry:

👉 Washing machine [3ft in width]

👉 Refrigerator 6ft in height

👉 Queen-size bed mattress with a frame 

👉 Foldable dining table set (for four people)

👉 Four mono-block size chairs

👉 Two normal-size stand fans

👉 32” LED TV

👉 Standard double burner gas range with LPG tank

👉 Your clothes and shoes

...and more! All of these items mentioned can fit inside the 3000kg truck at the same time. Feel free to toss in more stuff, but just keep in mind the size and weight limit. It'll help a lot if you can measure what you're bringing along so we can make the most of the space available!



Benefits of Lalamove’s Lipat Bahay Service

One might ask, what would be the benefits of Lalamove’s Lipat Bahay with the 3000kg truck service versus traditional truck delivery for rent:  

🚚 DELIVERY ON THE SAME DAY. Simply tap on your phone to schedule a delivery with ease. See How to Book a Same Day Delivery with Lalamove for the easy guide! Unlike traditional methods, where pickups are fixed, you get to choose when and where.

Imagine you've already arranged a truck service, but on moving day, you realize you underestimated the load. Don't fret! Booking an extra truck through Lalamove can be your lifesaver in such moments. 

🚚 MULTIPLE PICK-UPS ARE ALLOWED. The possibility of adding 2-19 additional pick-up locations is allowed! With Lalamove, the Multistop Delivery can provide if the items to be moved come from various pick-up locations.

So if you have different things within Metro Manila that you need to pull out and deliver them to Batangas, this is doable. 

🚚 YOU CAN TRACK YOUR ORDERS. Dynamic Time Management! With the built-in GPS of our Lalamove App, you may know where our Partner Driver is with your items and the ETA of your items to the destination. With that information, you can do other things in anticipation of the arrival of your items from Manila to Batangas! 



Lipat Bahay Tips

As you're gearing up for that major move, here are tips to help you Make Lipat Bahay a Moving Experience!

Picture this: you've got boxes stacked high, furniture to wrangle, and a new space waiting to be filled with your personal touch. It's all about planning, organization, and a dash of strategy to ensure everything falls into place seamlessly.

So, let's dive in and break down the essentials to tackle your move like a pro:


This is not about feng shui, but more of practicality when you move to your destination. It is ideal to pick a date of the week that is less traffic to lessen your stress.

If you can afford to take a leave for this, also good to do it on a weekday, since weekends might have traffic as there is no number coding and the volume of tourists abound in Batangas. Time is essential concerning the ebb and flow of traffic. You would want to pick a time ideally early in the morning as you consider travel time as well. 


Let's put your sorting skills to the test. Begin by deciding which items, whether large or small, you want to take with you, and which ones you want to donate, sell (adding to your miscellaneous budget), or discard.

Gradually categorize and separate your belongings before the move, and be sure to label them accordingly.


For items that need protection like appliances and items with glass, ideally to cover them with a protective layer either a box or you can even use some of your clothes and bedding to save on space as well by filling up the box.

This ensures that during the bumpy ride, your delicate items will be safe.



Imagine waking up from a rooster’s crow, the smell of provincial air, and the anticipation of unrushed traffic mornings. On the weekend you can look forward to wetting your feet on the beaches of Laiya or San Juan Batangas.  

Moving to a new place won’t be easy, but Lalamove would like to assist you when you are ready for that big move with our 3000kg Lipat Bahay-ready truck service from Manila to Batangas.  

We also deliver within Batangas for any items you might need. Our fleet of vehicles from motorcycles, sedans, pick-ups, MPVs, and Trucks are ready for your delivery. Try our Same Day Truck Delivery for Rent now! 




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