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Lalamove Delivery Service Features: Insulated Box, Queueing, Cash Handling & More!

Lalamove's same-day delivery app is packed with features that help in anyone's courier service needs! Our popular Additional Services such as our FREE Insulated Box, Cash Handling, Queueing Service, Purchase Service, Additional Assistant, and Driver Carries make us one of the best on-demand delivery service providers in Metro Manila. Check them out and see how they can help you on your next delivery!



How to Use a Lalamove Additional Service?

To add an Additional Service to your delivery, you simply have to select the options below the Pick Up and Drop Off Fields. For motorcycle delivery, you may select up to 4 types of services based on your needs — Insulated Box, Cash Handling, Queueing Service, and Purchase Service. On the other hand, trucking services and van deliveries have 2 types of Additional Service, namely Additional Assistant and Driver Carries.

These Additional Services come at a very affordable price — a small price to pay for a convenient and hassle-free delivery.



Now, let's get to it and see what Lalamove Delivery Service Features are all about:

FREE Insulated Box

Want your food deliveries to be received by the customers while it’s still hot? Lalamove offers Insulated Boxes that do just that — for FREE!

The Lalamove Insulated Box has solidified our customers' trust in our courier service in Metro Manila, and have really been helpful to many food businesses like Auntie May's Kitchen, and Le Sucre Lab just to name a few.


Cash Handling

We can also assists you in doing your payments and handling large amounts of cash through our Cash Handling feature. By selecting Cash Handling, our Partner Drivers will deliver cash and payments for you for only an additional fee of ₱30.

When matched with our Multistop feature that lets you have up to 20 stops in one delivery,  Cash Handling can be a technique to make cash on deliveryIt's a convenient tool used by many businesses and everyday customers in their courier needs.

Queueing Service

If you need Lalamove Partner Drivers to line up in an establishment to complete a delivery or payment service for you, simply select Queueing Service. This incurs an additional fee starting at ₱60 on your delivery, but this is convenient for when you need to file bank checks or line up for things that you need to buy.

Like Cash Handling, our Queueing Service can also be used to make cash on delivery possible. To learn more how to do it, visit this page.

Lalamove Queueing


Purchase Service

One of our most popular Additional Services, the Purchase Service (also known as pabili service) lets you book a Partner Driver and have him pay for items on your behalf first (worth ₱2,000 or less), which you will pay for when he/she arrives at your location.

Through Purchase Service, you can save time and energy in buying the things you need and have a trusted courier service provider buy the things for you all for an additional ₱50!

Purchase Service - Blog Leading Image -2


Additional Assistant

We understand that MPV and Light Truck deliveries can carry additional load, which is why we're offering Additional Assistant at the tap of a finger! Check out below to see the different prices for Additional Assistant:



Driver Carries

Can a Lalamove Partner Driver help you carry your items? Of course! By tapping the Driver Carries Additional Service on your next MPV or Light Truck delivery, our Partner Drivers may help you carry items up to 50 kg!

20170913 man carrying boxes


With these Additional Services, you're sure that Lalamove's courier service would be a convenient one! Make sure to try them on your next delivery 👍


Enjoy Lalamove's helpful Additional Services on your next delivery!


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