Women in Business: Boss Lady Moves with Lalamove

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Ever wondered what drives the success of women-owned MSMEs? — their boss ladies, of course!

In honor of Women’s Month 2024 and the theme 'Inspire Incusion', we're spotlighting the remarkable corporate clients of Lalamove Maricel, Joana, and Shelly, three female entrepreneurs breaking barriers, fostering inclusivity, and leading the way in business growth via efficient delivery service.

Dive in to uncover their unique stories and see how they boss up on the daily!




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MARICEL of Rayzelle Fruits and Vegetables

Maricel Diaz, formerly a vendor, now owns Rayzelle Fruits and Vegetables, a produce business. She and her husband had a dream of entrepreneurship, and with determination, she turned their vision into reality.

Now running their family business, she stands as the only woman among the entire crew, confidently leading a team of men.



"Sa pag-lead sakanila, kumportable naman ako dahil patas lang ang trato nila sakin. May respeto dahil babae ako at kung minsan nga, princess treatment pa."
- Maricel Diaz, owner of Rayzelle Fruits and Vegetables


Maricel explains that in leading a team of men, she doesn't feel uncomfortable because they treat her with utmost respect which shows the gender-inclusive environment they've built over the years along with her husband.

In facing logistical hurdles, they found relief with Lalamove's delivery service, regularly relying on their 1000kg and 3000kg trucks for nearby provinces like Dasmariñas Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, etc. 


"Mas napagaan talaga ang hanap-buhay namin kay Lalamove"
- Maricel Diaz, owner of Rayzelle Fruits and Vegetables


They book Lalamove trucks daily, trusting our Partner Drivers to deliver their fresh produce and saving them the hassle of pickup. Our truck service been incredibly convenient for their business!

See Maricel Diaz's personal message to aspiring female entrepreneurs HERE. For farm-to-table businesses, Lalamove offers a diverse range of vehicles to ensure the safe and fresh delivery of your produce. Refill your fridge and swing by Rayzelle Fruits and Vegetables on the 3rd floor of SM Marketmall, Dasmarinias Cavite!




SHELLY of Linen & Homes

Linen and Homes began in 2017 when Shelly Tan discovered incredibly comfy sheets during her honeymoon. Struck by the rarity of such quality in the Philippines & being utterly satisfied with the experience, it motivated her to provide top-notch sleep to fellow Filipinos together with her husband.

Their products go through thorough testing right in their own home, where they personally try them out, from bedding to sleepwear. When you drop by their showroom in Makati, you'll easily notice that all of their staff are women!


"I think the challenge as a female entrepreneur is to have that work-life balance – how do I be present at work and be there for my team members, but also be at home and be a mother. I think Lalamove has really helped [with that] because we didn't have to hire our own dispatchers, which means we could keep our team very lean."
- Shelly Tan, owner of Linen & Homes 



Fulfilling her role as a business owner and a mother, she manages to excel at both thanks to her incredible team & their partnership with Lalamove. By keeping their workforce lean and operations streamlined, they've been able to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. "We're always assured that our products will be delivered on time" Shelly explains.


"We pretty much use all the vehicles you guys have to offer but the most frequently used every day [for us] would be the Motorcycles and Sedans. We use the Sedans when customers are buying the whole bed setup for everyone in their families.
- Shelly Tan, owner of Linen & Homes 



In their daily operations, the Motorcycle and Sedan take center stage, carefully transporting their precious bamboo sheets. Shelly also mentions a helpful feature from Lalamove that comes in handy for them, "We use the multistop feature since it really helps with our business needs. We can dispatch multiple orders every day without requiring the Partner Drivers to come back and forth, saving us a lot of time."

If you're in retail, Lalamove's multi-stop delivery has always been a crowd favorite. With just one booking, you can have one driver handle all your orders! 

Shelly Tan is one of the women who make things happen. With Lalamove handling the heavy lifting, being a mompreneur is a breeze! Balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood is definitely manageable with the right logistics partner. See how you can Reach New Customers with Lalamove's 3PL Delivery Services now!

Check out Shelly Tan's personal message to aspiring female entrepreneurs HERE. Invest in quality sleep and visit their cozy showroom at 107 Perea Street, The Palisades, Legazpi Village, Makati City.




JOANA of Fourtify Inc.

In 2016, Fourtify Inc. was born, fueled by Joana Tan and her three sisters' shared love for food. Now that's 4 sisters and a business!

They aimed to craft snacks that were both delightful and nutritious. So, Joana along with her sisters Jennifer, Abigail & Jessica, set out a hunt for fresh, wholesome ingredients to make into tasty, crispy veggie chips.


"When we started, I was the one delivering to supermarkets. I had to drive, unload & even put the products on shelves in warehouses, and I was the only girl there.
- Joana Tan, owner of Fourtify Inc.


The heavy lifting and dirty work didn't bother Joana until their business expanded and needed a helping hand. "As we grew, the challenge was really to adapt to new technology and services like Lalamove. Lalamove has always been our partner in delivering orders, from small to big, so now, I don't have to deliver them myself anymore. The lesson is to create a system and trust our partners to deliver on our behalf." Joana says.

"We're very grateful to the Partner Drivers and extra helpers who are very patient and understanding, as each of our customers has different delivery processes and needs." Joana mentions as their business caters to both B2B and B2C.

For B2C orders, they typically book a Motorcycle, while for their B2B customers like supermarkets, they prefer a 300kg or 600kg MPV. Their meticulous attention to the capacity requirements of bulk orders just means they always rely on four-wheel vehicles to handle the load.


"We tried the 12,000kg wing van for a B2B customer that ordered a thousand boxes and it was safely delivered."
- Joana Tan, owner of Fourtify Inc.


"We also use the multistop feature, document processing, and tap on 'extra helper' so that we would be able to deliver to different customers in 1 dispatch." says Joana. Talk about working smart! You're really just one tap away to efficiency and convenience with our Lalamove app.

We also noticed upon visiting their office in Parañaque that the operations team is practically powered by women; packing and sealing the boxes! Joana says they don't limit celebrating Women's Day to just one day—they do it every day.

See Joana Tan's personal message to aspiring female entrepreneurs HERE. You can find their healthy snacks at Landers, The Landmark, Robinsons Supermarket, All Day Supermarket, and many more. Visit their website to see all the stores where their products are available! See also Lalamove's API Solutions for seamless order placements.



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There we have it! It's an honor to showcase three of Lalamove's successful female business owners. — Maricel, Shelly & Joana. Their unique #BossLadyMoves must have inspired you to create your own business empire, huh?

Let us pave the way for you by becoming one of our corporate clients and taking your business to new heights! Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand, Lalamove for Business is the way to go! See this guide on How to Sign Up for a Lalamove Business Account now.




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