No Sweat All Home Furniture Delivery with Lalamove

As a furniture business, providing delivery services can certainly increase customer satisfaction. Offering to take care of their needs shows how much you value your customers. Ensure this with Lalamove by giving them the option of booking an immediate delivery or scheduling one to be sent back home anytime!

Disclaimer: This has been optimized as of June 2022.


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If you are selling household goods, furniture, or bulky items, chances are, the availability of a delivery service encourages people to buy immediately knowing that they do not have to worry about lugging anything home!


Problems with delivering furniture

According to our data, a significant portion (25%) of our non-business deliveries by Lalamove are household items. This includes furniture and appliances. Be it moving houses or replacing old furniture, there will always be a need for delivering bulky items. Some of the common problems encountered by customers before they started using Lalamove, are the failure of delivery companies to honor delivery times and dates, deposits, and damaged or missing furniture.


Lalamove’s on-demand, same-day delivery services

Do you have a furniture business? Don’t worry about owning or managing an in-house private fleet when you partner with Lalamove. We offer multi-drop deliveries of up to 20 stops per trip, which makes it super convenient especially when you have multiple deliveries to make on the same day. Consider it done and leave your delivery needs to Lalamove! Track to see where your goods are and if it is being delivered on time. To ensure transparency and convenience, you and your customers get real-time tracking to deliver your furniture!

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We provide a dedicated account manager to assist all corporate clients to handle queries and solve any issues you may have with deliveries. All our drivers are trained before they hit the road so rest assured, your goods are in safe hands! 


Delivery vehicles for furniture

We offer different types of vehicles according to your business needs, from motorcycles to delivery vans and trucking services. Lalamove aims to deliver locally within 55 minutes and offers a range of services like door-to-door delivery, cash on delivery, and more! We also support cashless operations where paperwork is further simplified.


300 kg MPV

Fragile items, such as cakes, plants, and vases. Small to medium appliances such as microwave ovens and desktop computers

600 kg MPV

Furniture, like cabinets, bookshelves, and chairs fit perfectly in this vehicle. Items for the office such as tables, swivel chairs, and office supplies

1,000 kg Light Truck

Move home items, such as couches, beds, and refrigerators. Big boxes for the delivery of supplies and other raw materials.

2,000 kg Light Truck

Biggest vehicle option, great for moving offices. Bulk items for retail, events, and construction are great, too.

To know more about these, visit the Lalamove pricing page. Delivering furniture with Lalamove is a piece of cake! Get rid of logistical worries and let the trucks do all the heavy lifting.




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